A Room Of One’s Own – Week 3 – Update

Brian and Bob have been very busy in spite of the wet weather we’ve been having and you’re not going to believe how quickly things have changed. Before I show you how much they’ve been able to accomplish, I want to show you what Brian’s face looked like when I told him that I was writing about the new addition and putting pictures of the progress on the internet for everyone to see.


I’m just kidding…he wasn’t bothered at all about being on my blog and his real expression almost always looks like the two pictures below.



Getting back to business, let me show you where things stand now.






Here’s a photograph of the finished stonework. I love how everything is coming along so quickly and I’m getting really excited as I try to visualize how it will be to work in my new space. I have to confess to standing in the rain this weekend with a tape measure in one hand and an umbrella in the other as I was trying to decide how much room I need for certain pieces of furniture. Have a look at the stonework and before too long I hope to be sharing some of the choices I’m considering for flooring, paint, and tile.  Oh…and please stop by tomorrow to see something new I’ve been working on lately.


4 thoughts on “A Room Of One’s Own – Week 3 – Update

  1. beautiful stonework! And Brian is quite handsome (that was a very funny first picture, I was thinking, wow, this guy looks deadly serious). Curious and looking forward to tomorrow!

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