A Room Of One’s Own – Week 4 – Update

This post is mostly pictures because I managed to get some (arty ones) I really liked of Brian and Bob while building this past week. While they may be used to the odd snap or two by a property owner while working, I think they’re beginning to become a bit more aware of when the camera is around. Both have been such good sports, answering my too many questions at times and flashing me an occasional smile when I’m moving in with my camera trying to get just the right shot to keep things interesting.

No one is safe from the camera not even the people who deliver the big stuff.  Interestingly none of the drivers with the large deliveries seem to even notice the woman with the camera snapping photos from different angles like it’s a red carpet event.


You can see by the delivery what Brian and Bob worked on for a fair amount of  this past week.



Brian is putting brackets in place to help anchor the trusses while Bob is doing the same on the other side in the shot below.



When that’s done, they put the trusses into place.


I did a little climbing to get this one.











That’s all for this weeks update, but remember, tomorrow I’ll have the first TMAST posting so if you’re writing along with me be sure and post yours on your site and send me a link so I can include it with my post tomorrow. If you need a reminder as to what I’m talking about go here and here to join me.  Remember it’s practice writing not perfect writing and it need not be lengthy to post and participate.

4 thoughts on “A Room Of One’s Own – Week 4 – Update

  1. I really cannot believe how quick this “room of ones own” is going up..it will be amazing, cannot wait to see it finished. How lovely.

    I am off to Paris again soon, and hopefully will see Kim B, I cannot wait, it will so great to be there and see all the friends I made back in April.., going for 9 days this time, ..I am cat and house sitting!

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