A Room Of One’s Own – Week 7 – Update

This week John has managed to get quite a bit accomplished on the renovation, but it’s hard to photograph in a way that is as impressive as walls going up or the roof going on. The bathrooms are framed out and have flooring in place. Additionally, the pipes for the showers, sinks, toilets and tubs are in along with the insulation and sub-flooring. He also did a bit of plastering and finished off the new window in the master bedroom and closed in an opening in the master bedroom wall that will be part of my bathroom medicine/storage cabinet. He’ll be putting up plasterboard tomorrow in the master bath and building the wardrobe/closet back into the master bedroom. He’s decided to focus most of his efforts on the master bed and bath so we can get out of the guest room and back into our room. We’ve picked out a new bed and mattress…well actually, I’ve picked them out, but John is so agreeable that as long as it falls within a few parameters, it is pretty much whatever I want.

I have a bit sad news about Brian who you may remember is one of our builders. Last week he fell off a ladder on another job site and broke his left shoulder in three places. He’s had surgery and will be out of work for a while, but he should be all right.







If  you look closely you can see some of my paint samples taped to a door in the back. I put them up to see how they look in the different light that comes in from the window throughout the day. I’m undecided somewhere between pale greens and buttermilk yellow for my walls. Any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “A Room Of One’s Own – Week 7 – Update

  1. I can’t believe your hubs is doing all of this! How wonderful is that?!

    And I am ALSO choosing between buttery yellows and greens. lol! Right now, a pale yellow with green undertones, I’m leaning.

    Great minds?


  2. So sorry for Brian! Ow! Glad he will be okay but that can’t have been much fun.

    Have fun choosing your paint colors. I think a nice pale green for a soothing bedroom, but I can also see the attractions of a yellow!

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