A Room Of One’s Own – Week 8 – Update

This week John finished putting the plasterboard (sheetrock) on the bathroom for the master bedroom and he did a bit of plastering and framed out the doorway to the bath. He gave the ceiling and walls a base coat of paint in the master bedroom and later today will begin tiling the bath. I think I mentioned last week that we’re working to finish the master bedroom and bath so we can move out of the guest room and back into the bedroom before we refocus on finishing out my studio/writing/office space.

I’ve been doing a massive amount of research for just the right way to make this all work…color, furniture design, room setup, lighting, and any and everything else one might want to consider to make it all work best. What began as a new space for me has not surprisingly spilled over in to the master bedroom with a totally new look complete with new furniture. Additionally, the kitchen and half bath have become projects for next year. It’s a good thing John likes to renovate. We hope to have the master bedroom and bath finished in two to three weeks. Next week I’ll be showing you a tiled bathroom along with a painted (probably blue) bedroom.

As you can see by one of the pictures, we’ve chosen a darker hardwood floor for the bedroom, both new baths and my new room. The rest of the house has a light colored wood flooring so this darker one is a shift for John who prefers white walls and light floors. We’re off to the store in a few minutes to pickup the bathroom tiles. He’s designing and decorating the master bath completely while I’m doing the bath that goes with my space and it’s interesting to see how different we are based on American versus British design ideas.



The bathroom ready for tiling.


More of the bath


Bedroom with the new ceiling and window.


4 thoughts on “A Room Of One’s Own – Week 8 – Update

  1. I’ve been catching up on all your wonderful posts and enjoying them tremendously.

    I just have to say this remodel is really wonderful and exciting. Thanks for taking us through it with you.

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