Squeezing The Jersey Girls

Remember last summer when I was trapped in the US and moaning about all the excitement I was missing with John … I wanted in particular to get my hands on the little darling in the picture above. That finally happened when we went away last week. We left for Jersey on Monday crossing the […]

Taking To The Open Road With Jersey Girl

When the rain of the last few days eased up yesterday we finally had a chance to do some bike riding and scooting around the village before our visit with Jersey Girl was over. Our little houseguest went home early this morning and John and I will be taking the next few days to pack and […]

Lesson One – Jersey Girl Talks About The Tooth Fairy

  Tooth Fairy Talk While I am always interested in learning new things, I did think that I had worked out all this tooth fairy business long ago until this morning when Jersey Girl gave me a lesson in what happens when one loses one’s teeth. It seems things are a bit different from what […]

Jersey Girl Returns To Cornwall With Her Buddy Boris

We are having a visitor this week with the arrival of John’s granddaughter from Jersey. She is crossing the channel by ferry today with her mother and will be with us for most of next week. You know how much fun we have when we get together and I do have a few things I […]

Tell Me A Story Tuesdays – Guest Story Teller – Jersey Girl

If you follow my blog, you may know that I’ve been in Jersey doing a bit of child care with John helping to look after his granddaughter who I’ll refer to as JG (Jersey Girl) from now on. With her parents return from Spain last night, our main duties have ended and we are off to […]

Temporary Jersey Girl

  I’ve left Cornwall for a few days with John to take a little trip down to the Jersey shore. If you’re American like me, you might hear the word Jersey and think I’m referring to New Jersey, a U.S. state that some people may associate with Bruce Springsteen who still calls it home.  Not long after we met, John mentioned having a […]

Jersey Baby Girl Comes Home

Okay, so I’m not being very original with my blog name for the newest member of the family, but I thought Jersey Baby Girl would work for a while. I intend to refer to her most often as JBG for short and will likely shorten Jersey Girl’s name to JG. I hope it doesn’t get […]

Eating, Sleeping, & Walking On A Jersey Holiday

I’m back with a bit more about our trip to Jersey. Due to John’s daughter having moved last year, we stayed in a B & B this visit. Rachel has a loft/attic room that will eventually be added space she can use for company, but given she’s moved to a seaside location, I think a slightly […]

A Lot Can Happen In Five Years

This photograph was taken a few minutes before John and I married five years ago today and despite all that is happening in the background, it remains one of my favorites. I use to moan about the car, and the way our family and friends are all doing their own thing in the background, particularly […]

You’re Never Too Old For A Party … Now Make A Wish And Blow!

Earlier this year I had a conversation with my husband, John about his birthday and what he might like to do to celebrate it properly in the way one does a significant birthday, particularly those ending in a zero. When you’re younger the zeros don’t matter as much as the life events that certain birthdays […]