The Write About Love Project

The Write About Love Project ‘ began last year after I saw, ‘ Write About Love ‘ written in chalk on a gravestone while visiting a famous Paris cemetery with my sister. Coincidentally, I had talked with her only the day before about how unsettled I felt with my writing and its direction.

Having spent several years as a blogger sharing my stories of finding love and a new life in another country, I finally felt ready to do something with the fictitious characters who showed up in my head, begging to be heard.

With several stories outlined on my desktop, my indecision about direction was not based on a lack of ideas, but rather something having more to do with a sense of responsibility and contribution as questions about what we leave behind had nagged at me for some time.

Daily doses of tragedy and horror made accessible through online media overwhelmed me, and I was torn when I thought about writing mysteries and stories of intrigue that had violence at their core when the real lives of so many people were nightmares on their own.

An unpublished writer, my questions were all about the stories I felt compelled to write to compete with popular fiction authors and how that seemed like permission to connect with a vengeful, ugly side of myself that I was not ready to explore even through characters in my incomplete books. I struggled with writing containing imagery that I considered dark and destructive or writing something that would let me spend time in the light.

Whether ‘ Write About Love ‘ was a gift for only me that day or whether others stumbled across it also, I don’t know, but seeing a chalk message that still looked fresh after a downpour made me feel as if I had been given my answer.

Since a good part of my conflict dealt with how I might be remembered after I die, it feels right that I received a message to ‘ Write About Love ‘ in a place where people come to remember the lives of the dead.

At first I interpreted the words ‘ Write About Love ‘ to mean that I should work on a love story until I realized that ’ Write About Love ‘ was not intended to be about fiction and that it was not just a message for me.

The ’ Write About Love Project ‘ is a place for all of our stories. One where I hope to have others join me in what will be a project of hope and inspiration, a place where we can all go when we need to read about something other than an often bleak world.

Please be a part of this by emailing me your stories and allowing me to post them here.

Personal stories of love, hope, and acts of kindness are welcome. I hope to see stories that inspire and help us remember the impact we have on others when we share our experiences and write about love.


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4 thoughts on “The Write About Love Project

  1. It’s your gift. Go for it! No accidents, only miracles.

    Can this tie in to NZ? Stories of love abound in times of trouble.

  2. Elizabeth,you write masterfully. I’d love to being a part of your blog. I feel rather shy about opening my heart and soul in words. Any suggestions? Your Aunt Wylly would say “write what you feel, just write” and for a daily reminder “use your imagination” “find another way to get it done”. I must say using my imagination hasn’t always been on my side.

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