Primroses & Powershots

I thought I’d show you a little of what goes on behind the scenes here at Gifts Of The Journey and I need to say now…it isn’t always pretty. I’m almost never without a camera of some kind. It could be my iPhone or my Nikon D200, but more often than not it’s my Canon Powershot G9. Last week, I was running through the churchyard on my way to what I refer to as the buttercup field, when I was overwhelmed by a carpet of flowers that seemed to have popped out almost overnight. There were primroses everywhere I looked blanketing the ground like a patchwork quilt. I had my iPhone with me, but I wanted to get a higher quality picture so I went on with my run, but cut it a bit short to get back to the house to pick up my Canon. It was a perfect weather day, but given how it can be sunny one minute and dark and rainy the next, I didn’t want to take any chances and I barely paused as I told John what I was up to while running in and out for the camera. He said he would walk down and join me in a few minutes and showed up a little later with his own camera.  Here’s a bit of what he captured of me that day along with the bottom three which are my images. 



I didn’t realize until later that I had been so excited about getting the photographs that I wanted that I’d forgotten to take out my earphones even though I wasn’t listening to music. See below…


Remember what I said about it’s not always pretty….well here goes..


Would you like to see what I was trying to get a decent shot of back in the shadows?


I think it’s one of the oldest gravestones in the churchyard, but I don’t have info on it yet.  


These are two more of my photos from that morning…



This churchyard is one of my favorites in Cornwall and much to my surprise, there  are a few Harpers buried there. No relation I’m sure, but interesting to see my name among the gravestones.

11 thoughts on “Primroses & Powershots

  1. i love that we get a glimpse of you taking the photos. I sometimes take pics of T when she’s in action.
    I love this last capture of yours – fantastic!!
    that graveyard is so beautiful with all the flowers growing wild.

  2. Hello from America! I was just googling “How to move to England” and came across your blog. I would love to move my family from the states to England for a few years. I loved it when I lived there so long ago. You have some beautiful photos!

  3. I love that last one. Oh and of course John’s bum shot! Don’t you just love Cornish churchyards? Makes me feel particularly nostalgic tonight…

  4. Wow. Love the teamwork! How felicitous that you were enchanted by the sight while out withOUT your camera, so you told John and then he caught you in action. I want to take a deep breath of that beautiful fresh air.

    I too love the last photo. Gorgeous.

  5. V. enjoyable action photos and a very evocative Jesus (timely for Easter). The last one is my favourite, though. Such beautiful light.

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