Diversions And Updates

dscf4319I’m still waist deep in boxes and sorting as I decide what will move to England with me. The shippers come a week from Monday and I’m working steadily to go through everything and repack the non-breakables. (the shippers have to pack the fragile stuff)

I’m having a huge, mammoth yard sale on the 15 th & 16 th so I have a good deadline for getting it all done before sending what’s left off on the 18th. In addition to the stress of completing such a task, I find myself getting terribly maudlin at times seeing so much of my past spreading out before me. 

Late at night or in moments when I grab a bite of food, I slip to my computer to do a fast catch up on the blogs I read. Those of you who pop by mine should know how much a quick look at your words and images shakes me out of the past and reminds me of the life I have in the present.  It’s a big help to me right now. 

Today over a breakfast bagel and my third cup of coffee, I took a look at a favorite blogger that I follow. Rima, over at The Hermitage, lives a life most of us couldn’t dream of and her lovely space is alway a delight. The post I read today reminds me of Cornwall and John and what waits for me on my return. Please take a minute to go by and read her post, What I Saw By The Wayside.  While you’re there, take a good look around her site…she’s a wonderful artist and paints the most amazing scenes on the clocks that she makes.  

Have a great weekend and I be back in a bit…once I get through all of this mess.



10 thoughts on “Diversions And Updates

  1. oh i sure don’t envy you – i bet it’s very emotional.
    can’t wait to meet up with you next week.
    hey maybe we could come to the yard sale. T needs stuff for her home in Athens next year.
    til then, leslye

  2. Hello Elizabeth, ah thanks so much for your kind words … glad you enjoy wandering the hermitage 🙂
    I know what that packing of boxes is like .. and wish you very well in your adventure!
    all the very best

  3. Oh my gosh. My heart goes out to you. I definitely understand how hard this can be on one’s psyche. I like Jules’ advice . . . add in a few glasses of wine . . .

  4. Did stop by the Hermitage and the post was very intriguing.. Sending you patience, peace and positive energy as you sort through things that represents you – your life! I hope to see you while you are here in GA… If not, maybe next time (smile).. Have a productive and loving weekend!

  5. Hope the yard sale was a big success! I’ve thought of you doing this huge physical and emotional job in the U.S. as we’ve been in ‘your’ England these past few weeks.

    Sounds (and looks!) like you’re doing a phenomenal job.

    Good luck with the Monday movers and your trip back to the UK.

    Remember: Keep Calm and Carry On (I bought the postcard this trip after reading it first on your blog before your wedding) 🙂

    Cheers and take care.

  6. Elizabeth, I can so relate. I am packing my home up and putting things in storage, selling, or giving to family to make my move to France. It’s overwhelming at times, but I have to think the end result will be magical. I hope you and John can make it “across the pond” to Brittany sometime!

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