More Than Just A Wave


Ry Saying Goodbye

When babies are learning to talk, one of the very first things they learn is how to say bye-bye. Along with a which they usually pick up the importance of tossing in a bit of hand waving as well.  Like all new (dog) mommies, my daughter Miranda has been teaching Ry to do a bit more than just sit around looking pretty. While I was back in America recently, she proudly had Ry demonstrate some of his newly acquired skills. He’s a smart pup and when there’s food involved can pick up new things faster than some of the folks who descended on my garage sale two weeks ago.

I think his little wave was one of the cutest things she taught him, although I have to say I loved his exuberant high five as well.  He jumps up to go paw to hand when she says, “High five” and you almost expect him to say, “Aw right ” along with it.

It’s been a busy four weeks since I went home to Georgia to sort, sell, and ship my stuff over to England. As you might expect, I have more than a few stories for you. Back at home in Cornwall now with John, it’s a blue sky morning and I’m getting ready to go for my first run in a month with Tina, my running buddy and friend. We’re meeting like we always do on the the village green at 9:00 and I’ll be a second or two late as I usually am, because I just have to write one more word before I go. She’ll be there on time and waiting and will swoosh away my apologies with a wave of her hand…understanding and happy just to say hello again.  


10 thoughts on “More Than Just A Wave

  1. welcome back! Tina sounds like a nice flexible friend! Thanks for taking time to say hi, I know you must have a million things running around your head.

    Precious photo of the pup and tales of Miranda’s training him!

  2. he is a very talented boy, indeed, and i enjoyed meeting ry and miranda at the garage sale!
    miranda–look into happy tails pet therapy-a great org!
    e-glad you’re home safe and sound, next time we will get in a REAL visit!

  3. So great to see your post! Welcome back and congratulations on completion of your U.S. trip.

    Cheers and take care – and give yourself a big pat on the back 🙂

  4. Kim B.- Tina is max flex and it’s great to have a friend like her just around the corner. In a village of 500, everyone’s just around the corner. She’s has been a running fiend since I left and she looks great! Just the inspiration I need to get back into my own running program.

    Leslye- Me too…thanks for the welcome back and the email you sent as well. I loved the post you did on Taylor’s project at Autumn Sun.

    Kim A-They are sweet breed aren’t they? Miranda’s dog Ry is very protective of her and seems happiest when he’s within eyesight.

    Jules- I thought of you yesterday and wondered how you guys were enjoying that ladder. I must post about a funny wallpapering experience I had with it someday. Miranda enjoyed your visit too and was quite excited by your info on Happy Tails. I know she checked it out fairly quickly because she mentioned something about when they have classes scheduled. I promise we’ll have a real visit next time. It was all work, work, work, this trip, but I got it done. No more garage sales!

    Shelli- I wish we could have met for a face to face while I was home…maybe next time. You’ll be the mega busy one then with a new baby in the house. The garage sale went better than I’d expected raising a bit more than half of the cost shipping what was left.

    Carolyn- Thanks Carolyn…I am so glad to have completed that task. Going through that much stuff and minimizing it down to more of an essential list for shipping over to England was a huge challenge both physically and emotionally. I know you know exactly what I mean…having done it before yourself.

    Hay – how good to see you here! Have you done your big move yet or are you still sorting and packing things up? John was talking about a six week trip to New Zealand just yesterday. That may be in our future next year after the extension is completed on the house. When he speaks of New Zealand travel, he talks about all the beauty he saw on a visit there before, but I think of you and your family and how it might be possible to meet you face to face someday.

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