Moorland Adventures

The moor was a wild place to be the other day. Ray and MIJ who you may remember from here came by for an overnight visit and a walk around Bodmin Moor. Most of our summer weather has been unpredictable and their visit here required a bit of wardrobe adjustments. It wasn’t cold once we began our walk, but it certainly felt chilly when we were heading for the door. This should explain the mix of clothing choices you see in a few of the photographs. We dressed for rain and nature didn’t make our efforts in vain. We did have a bit of excitement that Sarah and Suzanne might have enjoyed. I certainly thought of them when we walked up on what looked like a possible problem similar to what has been occurring with other walkers lately.


We begin our walk and it’s pretty, although a bit wet.


We stroll along pausing to look at changes to property…


I take pictures of this….


and that…


And when the rain comes as it does here…


….the cows seem to line up to watch us as we scramble looking for some…


…of these to shelter us from the rain.


Here’s where it begins to get interesting, we walk out onto the moor with Rough Tor in the background and we see these cute cows…a mother and baby passing by….awww sweet…right.


Oh…look, they’re coming over to say hello.


Hmm…something feels different here and about the same time I’m thinking this may not be just another social call by a curious cow…


…I look beyond the big mother to her right and I see this…see the bright red in the center of the photo…


…except to my eyes, it looks more like this….which reminds me of this….


…making this ….the next thing my camera snaps as I move out of what appears to be the path of a protective mama cow moving her family away from the dogs that are rooming free with the human mother (who clearly hasn’t been following the news) and her children.


This is the look on her face as I quickly explain that we are passing though and are in no way affiliated with those rowdies with the dogs crashing up behind her.  After a few heated exchanges…okay, so I was really the only one talking…


…a peaceful solution is reached and they move on without incident all except for this little guy below…


…who seemed to be watching without comment until I noticed this…


…he’s decided to have a poo just as I go for a photograph…so I try again and…


What’s this…now he needs a wee too. Hmm…do you think he’s trying to tell me something?