Sunday Into Monday

Sunday was a full day here in Jersey. We’ve been here for a few days taking care of John’s granddaughter and every day has been a fun day. I think we’re both feeling the fatigue that comes with the near constant questions, chatter and movement of a busy five year old. We’ve painted pictures, taken long walks, picked berries, played at the playground near the beach, done school runs, and swimming lessons, read loads of books, watched as she did her Math homework or (Maths, as they say here) and last night we baked chocolate chip cookies, chocolate muffins and some peanut butter cookies too. All of the recipes for our evening of  baking came from the book you see John’s granddaughter reading to her bear Boz. I brought it for her and  I think it was a hit. It has five different stories along with a CD of songs and a variety of recipes.

Her parents return from Spain tonight and John and I will scoot off for the day tomorrow on a short visit to France. The ferry ride will take about 30 minutes to reach Saint-Malo and we’ll be back in time for dinner. Below are a few pictures from the last few days.


Bapa & L


She’s carrying a heart shaped leaf she found.


Reading to Boz.


Still reading to Boz, but from a distance.


Checking for chocolate


Showing off our Moose muffins.


Showing me how it’s done.


I’m still not doing it right.


Me begging for a picture.


Tickling her into posing.