Crossing The River Of Uncertainty

Yesterday I watched as trucks and 4x4s braved the overflowing waters of a river on the moor near our village. Most of the larger vehicles barely hesitated although I witnessed several turn around, reluctant it seemed, to risk diving into the river’s excess that covered the road and spilled across the moor. During the twenty minutes or so that I was there taking photographs, no one driving a car was brave or crazy enough to drive into the water … except the one below.

A local couple I know drove up to snap a few photographs of their own and the husband said something that stayed with me. As he watched people press on through the water on a road they couldn’t see, he said, ” It’s not too hard if you’ve been here before and can remember where the road curves.”

What stayed with me was the idea that sometimes you just have to go forward on faith and believe that even though you may not see the road in front of you, it’s still there despite whatever may be obstructing your view.

Trying to reach the bridge.

The little engine that could.

The dog looked worried as he went past.

Going in deep.

It may look like a 4×4 here, but it’s really a small car with a roof rack.

After pausing on the bridge because the car was throwing steam, it went into the next wave of water…

…and made it safely to the other side.

Let me add here that having lived for year in San Antonio, Texas and seeing people drown by crossing water that looked like this, but was really very deadly, it is a good idea to always proceed with caution and sometimes even choose to go in a different direction to reach your destination.

I’d be interested to know if you’ve been crossing any rivers of uncertainty yourself lately and any travel tips you might like to share.

11 thoughts on “Crossing The River Of Uncertainty

  1. We just started crossing a river of uncertainty by becoming a foster family. We are really scared to take on such responsibilities, but know we will be blessed for it in the end. I can’t believe the car made it across!

  2. No way would I drive into water like that. Having grown up in the hills around the Ohio River, I know all too well about floods.

    Husband and I are in a comfortable place right now. We’ve had our share of troubles over the years, but I am reluctant to pass out advice. What we did may be not be the thing someone else considers.

    Our most major event this week will be replacing the 27 year old kitchen sink. He says he can do it, I have a professional’s phone number close by 🙂

  3. Suzanne and I encountered a river of certainty today, it was so certain it was positively assertive. It was the Thames in the village of Hurley.

    We couldn’t complete our walk the usual way, because the er flood plain had flooded (should have thought about that one….)
    To get round we had to climb over a very wobbly wooden fence covered in barbed wire and throw ourselves over a brick wall – on a slippery bank going straight down into a stream.

    We made it, with only klutzy me getting a few scrapes and bruises. So my river was a literal one.

    I have a metaphorical one I have to cross from next month, quitting my job to work for my husband….

  4. Hmm. I have to think on this. Wowzers of a shot. It would have been one of those situations for me where I would not be able to look on as they tried to cross. A side note: I was born in San Antonio and lived there a short while. My dad still lives there and it seems that at any time there is a hard rain, numerous street floods occur even still.

  5. I lived in San Antonio and one of my daughters live there now. All the dips in the road have posts marking how deep in feet and very few are foolish enough to go through when full of water! What you do is know all the alternate routes and try again. I live in Kansas City now and we have a lot of places that flood here too and everytime there is at least a few foolish people who need to be rescued.

  6. I don’t know if I have ever been without uncertainty for any length of time as an adult. With children, grandchildren a job etc… We all know this. I do know that your pictures really are what life is like, are you going to take the risk or not?
    Thank you for this.

  7. Have I evvverrr.

    I like this post. I like his words…But then it makes me think about your last point– sometimes it is just best to be cautious, and not try to remember the way.

    I wish it was black and white, this life. Sometimes I wish that were so.


  8. I have these rivers frequently where you just have to get through on faith and trust in your higher power. The biggest challenge in my life was when my husband was killed and I just wanted to die too. I had to draw on all my faith that it wasn’t my time yet and great things were still in store in my life. I walked through that Valley of the Shadow of Death and came out much stronger. Lesser struggles, surely, all the time, but my belief in the ultimate power of God and that our time on earth is not meant to be free of pain leads me to seek joy.

    Be well and take care. You are a brilliant writer and your pictures created a powerful imagery and metaphor.

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