When You Are Five Going On Six

When you are five going on six,

you like to help in the kitchen by stirring the mix.

When it’s all done and ready to eat, you pour on the syrup to make it taste sweet.

It isn’t quite perfect as hearts rarely are,

but it’s crunchy and filling and will carry you far.

Boris you see sitting there in his chair, is waiting for help like a good little bear.

When Boris has had all he can eat, we take some outside to give the birds a nice treat.

Since some like a place to rest while they eat,

we’ll leave some snacks on the bird table sure to make them sing, “tweet tweet.”

As you can see we are off to a good start of our visit with Jersey Girl. She assisted in writing the story today with Boris the Bear extending a few editorial comments as well. Thanks too for the heart-shaped waffle suggestions. JG picked from the choices available and I must say, I always like it when the heart wins.

8 thoughts on “When You Are Five Going On Six

  1. What a lovely story – very entertaining to read as well! Good job to both Jersey Girl and Boris the Bear. I think we have a future blogger in our midst 😉

  2. I’m in awe of your creativity (painted egg cartons, heart-shaped waffles …) and what an ADORABLE girl you have visiting 🙂

    Cheers and enjoy!

  3. I found your blog somehow. I remember when I turned six. my grandma said, “you’ll never be 5 again.” funny the things we remember

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