6 thoughts on “Guess Where I Am Now – Here’s A Hint

  1. Lucky you! I’ve never been there.
    I’m now thinking about a trip to Europe, but mostly on the Wales/London/Cornwall side. Your posting all those photos has reminded me that I don’t have to limit travel only in the U.S.
    Keep posting and I’ll get over there, maybe in the later winter/early spring. My daughter and I went to London in early March, many years ago, and the weather turned out to be unexpectedly fabulous. Maybe I’ll get lucky again.
    And if not? I’m not made of sugar. I won’t melt.

  2. There’s not place like home and no place like Paris. I think the ever present view OF the Eiffel tower from just about everywhere in Paris is even more awe inspiring than the view FROM atop of the tower. Seeing it for the first time is as magical as seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time. Thanks to France for both.

  3. Hmm… now let me see….!

    You are definitely doing this the right way, you know. Monday I started a new temp job. Tuesday I was in Amsterdam. Wednesday I was in Brussels. Thursday I was in UK. All I saw was the inside of hotel rooms, meeting rooms, airplanes and airports!

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