Never Alone – Birthday Wishes For Margaret

It is a struggle to find childhood photographs of my sister Margaret taken alone as most of our childish history documents us together, sitting or standing side by side. On Margaret’s birthday today, I searched my files to come up with the perfect image of her by herself but with little success. I would suggest that the universe is sending us a message that Peanut Butter and Jelly are meant to be together while John might say it was the cost of developing film in those days that would have children always paired up in photographs.

This image of Margaret fishing at five is one I remember well. She caught her first fish and dropped the pole with the fish still on the line in her excitement. She did a little happy dance that day that still makes me smile.

She is still five in this photo taken with our first pet, a cat the adults named Useless.

This one is one of my favorites with Margaret looking straight into the camera.

Dressed as a Brownie … I don’t remember this period, but she looks pretty cute.

Here she is only nine, but she’s giving a look to the camera that I recognize still 39 years later.

I discovered this first birthday picture of Margaret blowing out a candle about an hour ago and John graciously rescanned the others so you can see them better.

I have enjoyed having this time with Margaret over the last month. It is rare that as adults we are able to take time away from our daily lives and responsibilities to spend time with a sibling and I certainly appreciate Margaret coming all the way from Alaska to experience a bit of my life here with me.

It is her last day in Cornwall as she begins her long trip back to Alaska tomorrow and I have no idea what we will do today, but I will be in the kitchen in a few minutes making a specially requested chocolate cake for her. It gives me great pleasure to be able to sing a happy birthday chorus in person to Margaret today and I hope this new birthday year brings her sweetness and joy.

9 thoughts on “Never Alone – Birthday Wishes For Margaret

  1. Happy birthday Margaret, keep taking those pics and the safest of travels back to Alaska. It won’t feel the same. It’s been great to see your travels here in Europe.

    Warm wishes, Mariellen

  2. And many more, Margaret. Remember: It’s not really a birthday party until the police have been called.
    Where do you live in Alaska? I lived in Anchorage for 17 years and I will likely be going back up there in December (yep, on purpose) for another long visit.
    If you’re in or near Anchorage, I’d love to say hello some day. Send me a note to SurvivingAndThriving (at) live (dot) com.
    Elizabeth: Would you send me a note, too? I’d love to ask your advice about a portion of the trip to England that I’m planning. Thank you.

  3. seems every time i log on you are celebrating someone’s birthday.
    so nice that you were together with your sister for her birthday. it’s fun to see the old photos – so cute. and you, you always have that big bright smile.

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