Still Thinking Of You From Dunedin New Zealand

As Mariellen pointed out in a comment on my last post, I have managed to wean myself  somewhat from my computer. I have been a bit busy with my camera with 8622 photos at present and we still have a week to go in New Zealand.

I sit down to write a post and while trying to decide which images to include I get lost in my photographs and you get nothing. That combined with difficulty in getting a connection at times makes it seem like I don’t care about you. Of course you know that’s not true and I will be back soon.  I have so much to tell you.

11 thoughts on “Still Thinking Of You From Dunedin New Zealand

  1. Hi Elizabeth , don’t be so ridiculous , we know you care , will still be here , waiting to read and see all about your fantastic trip … YOU are on holiday … you cannot be linked to computer all the time…. I cannot believe how many photos you have to get through .. amazing.

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Let your eyes feast, and give us the pictures later. That’s what I’m thinking. Athough the pic above is truly gorgeous.

  3. So glad you posted but we can completely understand your actually want to vacation on your vacation. YOu are a thoughtful, gifted blogger and I for one know I am glad to catch up whenever you are ready. Merry Christmastime!

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