Silent Unspoken Memories

John and Elizabeth - February 2, 2009

It’s been two years since we made our promises in front of family and friends and it feels like both yesterday and forever. I knew eight weeks after our first email that I wanted to have forever with this man and I knew without speaking that he wanted it too. Some things are so right you don’t even hesitate, no looking back, so second guesses, you just know that you are where you are meant to be.

To Be One With Each Other

What greater thing is there for two human souls

than to feel that they are joined together to strengthen

each other in all labor, to minister to each other in all sorrow,

to share with each other in all gladness,

to be one with each other in the

silent unspoken memories.

~ George Eliot


John and Elizabeth - Coromandel Town, NZ - 11/11/2010

If you are new to Gifts Of The Journey you might enjoy reading and seeing some of our early moments together. Click on the colored links above and it will be like you were there with us.

13 thoughts on “Silent Unspoken Memories

  1. Beautiful photos! Beautiful story – as wonderful and special today as when I first stumbled on your blog. All the best to you and John!

  2. I don’t know, call me dreamy, but I think there’s your book. Also, call me a sap, but now for the third time I read your love story beginnings and can just picture a lovely book of y’all’s tale with your beautiful photos to help tell the tale. Happy Anniversary to you both and thank you for sharing. what a wonderful George Eliot poem.

  3. Lovely! I saw your comment on Jen Lemen’s page, and thought, hey, I know that lovely lady! Congratulations on your special day – there is something so tender and dear about finding love a little later in life. I know just that “both yesterday and forever” feeling. Sweet, indeed.

  4. Congratulations Elizabeth and John. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that first picture – it’s SO lovely.

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Congratulations to you both .. ♥♥

    I love the photo of you two . I have read your story a few times, .. I think it is amazing that you knew after 8 weeks that you wanted to be with John forever .. to up sticks and move to the UK ..

    I don’t think I have ever had that feeling of “It is so right and I am meant to be here .. ” !!

  6. Considering how much you consider everything, “just knowing” must have been wonderful and freeing. I know this from personal experience

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