Bedruthan Steps, A Valentine’s Day Destination


Bedruthan Steps – Valentine’s Day 2011

I feel as if people must get tired of reading our story especially during the months of January and February when I refer to the many meaningful ‘first’ events that occurred in the early days of our relationship. So for you, I experimented with the shorter version of our story below.

Divorced, 47 year-old American woman meets Englishman by accident and is surprised by love. Marrying after a year of long distance dating, she leaves her country for his, exchanging her big city ways for wellies and quiz nights in a tiny Cornish village. Love grows deeper, life gets sweeter, and happiness is an everyday blessing as consistent as morning coffee.

What do you think? Did I tell the story like you remember it?

For those of you who are new visitors, the longer version is the sweetest and if you want more, you can find it here along with photographs taken at Bedruthan Steps each year since we met. We didn’t snap one when I arrived on Valentine’s Day in 2008, (thank goodness, as I was fresh off an overnight flight from Atlanta) but we’ve had one each year since then.

The photos below were taken two days ago when we returned to Bedruthan Steps to celebrate our first meeting on Valentine’s Day, 2008. With a rainy week expected, I was grateful for a bit of blue sky even if the wind was a bit fierce.


Bedruthan Steps


A National Trust Land Rover

This is what the area to John’s right looks like. The National Trust folks were out repairing some stone steps a bit farther down the path where the winter weather had made a few crumble.

Distant Lighthouse At Bedruthan Steps

Happily Standing Too Close To The Edge

9 thoughts on “Bedruthan Steps, A Valentine’s Day Destination

  1. Love the photos, and the wind, and of course the story. Never been on a real pub quiz – only one for a whole company outing..maybe time for me to try it?

    This is how Cornwall looks, folks – it’s a great place.

  2. I LOVE your wonderful love story – thanks for sharing it on this blog! And as always, your photos are stunning!

    “Love grows deeper, life gets sweeter, and happiness is an everyday blessing as consistent as morning coffee.”


    Best wishes to both of you

  3. I love both versions. You are such an ispiration to me personally. Happy Anniversary.

    P.S. thinking of fighting the crowds to do another PW book signing this weekend! Call me crazy.

  4. I never get tired of your stories, your treks, your photos. Your story, your life, gives me hope. It might be too late for me but I will keep my eyes open! I love to travel and I loved being married and if ever I meet a man who loves it too, I will pay attention. Best to you both for many, many years.

  5. Thanks everyone for your support and sweet thoughts. I never get tired of sharing our story, but I do think about you and worry that you might rather not hear it again as another anniversary rolls by.

    Telling it this time in 59 words was fun. I have a tendency to be verbose so it was a good exercise for me.

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