Updates And Answers From Christchurch

If you read the post I wrote about the terrible earthquake in Christchurch, then you will know that I was hoping to hear some news about the welfare of the woman in the photograph below. I met Vanessa Hardy in Christchurch two months ago and was worried after seeing pictures of the devastation in an area near her shop, Tete-A-Tete.

With no way to get in touch, I checked the internet for news of her or her partner, Warren Chilton and I waited. Coming home this evening after going out for dinner, I was so relieved to see a kind reader had sent me a link to a newspaper article where Vanessa was talking about her experience during and after the quake.

I was also happy to have an email response this morning from Peter from Fortuna Books letting me know that he and his staff were safe as well.

It’s difficult to see my photographs of the city taken before this earthquake especially when the landscape looks so different now. I hope they continue to find survivors and thanks to all who have taken a moment to leave a comment here over the last two days. I hope New Zealanders can feel the love and concern flowing round the world and I appreciate all who have shared their thoughts.

14 thoughts on “Updates And Answers From Christchurch

  1. So happy this lady and her staff were okay after the quake….what a terrible shame and utter devistation. How fortunate you were to see the Cathedral at least before it fell….So very sad.


  2. I’m glad your friends are safe. Thanks for posting your pictures. It’s really sad to see all the quake damage and compelling to be reminded what the before looked like.

    I’m currently working with an Australian team and they were all commenting on the earthquake, too. I hadn’t realized there was one in September as well.

  3. So happy and relieved that your friends are safe and sound .. It must be devastating for them .. and very hard for you to look at your photos to remind you of your fab trip. Take care Anne

  4. Gotta love the internet. We can get through on that so many times when phones are down. My relatives live on the North Island so, unless they were visiting the south island, they should be ok. I’m glad the friends you made there are all right. It is so sad to see the destruction.

  5. I came past this post while searching to see if Vanessa and Warren were ok and am so glad to read that they are safe.

    My partner and I visited their shops when were in Christchurch in late 2008, and they were every bit as lovely as their shops. We only spoke to them a little bit, but we still talk about how sweet and friendly they were.

    It’s truly so awful seeing the photos and footage of the damage from the earthquake. It’s just so heartbreaking to see such a lovely place in ruins.

  6. I think the New Zealanders do feel the love that’s coming from those helping the situation out there. The feeling of community spirit goes a long way at times like this.

    I’m pleased you’ve had a positive response about Vanessa.

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