In The Air With ‘Dear Madame’

By the time many of you read this, I’ll be at the London airport traveling on a day I hadn’t realized was Good Friday when I booked the tickets last year. Some say that next to the American Thanksgiving, this Christian holiday is right up there with packed airports and wigged out travelers. I hope I won’t be one of them.

I’m off to the US this morning where I’ll be for about four weeks. I’m looking forward to spending time with my family and friends and getting a few things done that require more muscle than the fork to mouth routine that always takes center stage when reuniting with people you love. People back home have no idea how good words like barbeque and fried chicken tacos sound to a Georgia girl living so far away from such tasty treats.

While I’m in the air, I’ll be working the next Chapter of ‘Dear Madame’ and should have it live for you later this evening. Talk about waiting until the last minute … I thought I’d have it done before leaving for London yesterday, but I was still packing yesterday morning even with planning ahead and my writing got pushed aside.

Send me some good thoughts today to speed me home safely and I’ll reconnect with you when I’m back in Atlanta.

9 thoughts on “In The Air With ‘Dear Madame’

  1. Sounds like you won’t be back in time for us to meet up in Devon or Cornwall. Are you staying in the US longer than originally planned Elizabeth?

    Sorry about that – hopefully they’ll be another time.
    Have a safe trip and a wonderful time at home.
    Hugs – Mary

  2. Wigged out indeed…but most people will survive, and you are a survivor too. Hopefully aside from a very very busy LHR or LGW, you’ll be OK. And will have got there in time despitye the bank holiday traffic.

    Oh my you are initiating yourself into British life big time!! Once you’ve landed I’ll tell you my bh w/e travel stories. Safe travels and inspired writings.

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