Choosing A Name For My New Baby

Elizabeth Dodging Sheep On Bodmin Moor

Thanks so much to everyone who commented on yesterday’s post and celebrated my return to Cornwall and John. What a great welcome back it was to have such a thoughtful gift from him. I love how he listens to my not so secret dreams and surprises me with an action.

Now … I need a little fun help from you.

I’ve never really been someone who gave names to things like cars and bikes, but with my lovely retro looking ride, I find that I am thinking of a special name for her. I have something clearly in mind, but I might change it (although not likely) if you leave one that wows me.

I’ve got my reasons why I’m leaning in the direction I am, but I’d love to hear what you think before making a final decision. Thanks for your help!

I’m putting my vanity aside and leaving the photo above one you can enlarge even though my hair looks a fright. I want you to be able to see the sheep on the road and the moor. This is one of the roads we drive on regularly to get to our village. When you meet an oncoming car you have to pull over which is easier than meeting in the mostly narrow lanes where someone must backup.


4 thoughts on “Choosing A Name For My New Baby

  1. Cecily, Ceecee for short. Or endearment. I have no idea why, except it kinda looks and feels like a biCEEcle might. And it’ so British, if not very Cornish. (OK, so maybe I “am” losing my marbles!)

    I bet you are enjoying the releatively coooool air too. Very nice.

  2. Hmmm, how fun. Well for some reason, don’t know why…I think she needs a proper British name, something along the lines of Miss Penelope Pickwick….who knows why I think that. enjoy her all the same and I Love, love, love your photo…what joy. You know, please excuse me I feel I am about to prattle, but I actually saw your pic above a gave a out a small, “Aww” and my 13yo daughter asked, “What?”….because she just saw a lady on a bike in a place that has green grass…but I saw an American blog friend, on a new bike in her adopted English (green) countryside seemingly delighted with the blessing of it all….That picture is a whole story to me.

  3. I’m not big on naming things either, but she looks like a Betsy to me. The only thing we’ve named is our GPS system (via my smart phone). It’s somehow easier to refer to her as ‘Sheila’ than anything else. I remember sheep encounters from our stay on the Isle of Skye. Definitely an adventure driving on narrow roads with sheep hazards.

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