Busy As ….

I hate to use a cliché, but take the title above and mix it with the image below and you’ll soon sort out how things are here.

Even though I made it home on August 2, I’ve still not found a place for all the things I brought back with me. Disorder generally makes me stroppy, grouchy, or cross, you can pick the word that best suits depending where you live or leave a few you use to describe how you feel when you’re having an off day.

I could use a few worker bees right now, but I’d likely run them off with my bad temper. I’ll be back when I’m more agreeable. 😦 Humph!

Hidcote Flower With Bees - August 2011- by E.E. Harper

5 thoughts on “Busy As ….

  1. Hang on in there, E … you’ll soon get everything straight … and then imagine your feeling of satisfaction! In fact, try to get that feeling now instead of waiting ’til later … that way it’ll help you sort it all out. Simples!

  2. Totally understand … How I wish I could find some of those myself & I’ve not been anywhere-mine is just the day to day things that need tending to! You’ll get there!

  3. Where there’s a will, there’s a way…well I’m sure hoping, for me anyway. Now you know how I feel about the Grande Sort I am facing. Very gumpy! Loads of internal hurdles around it, I am sure, otherwise it would have been done. I’ve reached the limit of better organised storage, (don’t go down that route!!) – not’s a real case of Throw It Out. Soon. Amen again. I’m wishing you all the best with that. And if in doubt, think of what you lifved without for months ..and realise, it’s all possible.

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