Adding More Light To My Life

You might be tired of hearing how wonderful my husband is and may well be thinking, “John, John, John, can’t she talk about anything else!”  It’s just difficult not to share when he does so many things that make me smile.

Todays topic: A DIY Photography Light Box 

While I was in Atlanta, I sent John a couple of links to several DIY light box examples. I thought having one would be useful in photographing items for a vintage shop I’m setting up online. I would have been content with a light box made of paper like this one, but John made a lovely and more lasting one with some extra wood and paint he had in the garage.

It’s sitting on a small stool in this shot.


I have some white paper to drape inside for things to sit on and the sheet above should work as well. Add a bit of light and I think it will be perfect. I hope to announce the shop opening in a few weeks so you can see how well it works when the images go live.


5 thoughts on “Adding More Light To My Life

  1. I want you to know how it makes my heart sing to hear of your love for your man, and also hear of the beautiful things he does for you! I’ve been married to a great Christian man for 40 years this year, and still am seeking ways to show my love for his faithfulness and devotion down through life. God hooked me up with an amazing woman by the name of Shari Popejoy and her blog “Won Without Words” and she had been married 27 years. I’ve got a feeling you would be encouraged and uplifted to take you and Johns love to the heights, (and yes, there is more…) I’m so happy for your love and want to thank you for taking me away to England now and then. We had a glorious trip back in 2009 and I became hooked to all things English! LOL!

  2. Those light boxes are more tricky than they look to eliminate shadows, lots of light required. I forsee hours of photographic fine tuning and tweeking of positions if you are a pernicky one for pristeen results. That box will make an infinity curve a lot easier and different colours to swap out should you wish as well. Some of your vintage stuff might pop better on a non-white background, but you know the look you are aiming for best. Looking forward to seeing your items, that sounds like a lot of fun. You’re always trying something new, I think it’s great. I think that’s a lovely back / side wherever little patio / balcony too. I am missing home a lot.

  3. PS: John, sterling work there. If you could get B&Q to import those 7 buck silver clamp-on lights like they have in the USA, not to mention Tyvek by the 10m roll, we’d be happy bunnies.

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