When Your Name Is Irene

Bodmin Moor (Click to Enlarge)

Even though we are a long way from the threatening fury of Irene’s arrival, it has been the topic of conversation here. Last night at the pub we shared a table with some friends from the village chatting over the week’s events with, Ian and Irene.

You may remember Irene from the photo below. It was taken at the pub back in January and she’s sitting in exactly the same place as she was last night while we talking about the hurricane that has so many Americans now running for cover.

I know Hurricane Irene has been spreading herself around and she’s caused millions of dollars in damages as she’s blown through the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas in her flight plan.

That Irene and our Irene have nothing in common, but she did share a few of the comments and jokes she’s had to endure since Hurricane Irene made the news.

Irene & Elizabeth

John is the weather watcher in the house. Most days, I barely pay attention to what’s happening weather-wise. That seems to have changed since he gave me Dora and I find myself feeling a bit grumpy lately that the weather has made it so uninviting to ride.

Living in Georgia, I took good weather days for granted. In Cornwall, we have a fair amount of rain and it’s usually not an issue for me, but it’s been cool and wet for the last week and I find that despite a long hot summer in Atlanta, I am not ready for summer to be over here.

Summer Flowers - August 2011

We’ve got a break in the clouds so I’m heading out in a few minutes to squeeze in some exercise and move my moodiness out the door. I’ve got loads to do today and no reason to whinge on about weather and inconvenience when so many are in such a scary situation.

Thank goodness we have ways to track deadly storms and prepare for them. I have friends scattered up and down the eastern coast of the US and I’ll be tracking their movement, watching as they hopefully provide updates on Facebook and Twitter or blog about their experiences with Hurricane Irene.

Here’s hoping you stay safe and dry wherever you are today.

3 thoughts on “When Your Name Is Irene

  1. Your friend Irene looks a lot more lovely than the one that might me knocking at our door by tomorrow! I am quite weather obsessed myself these days because we’ve been having such a weird summer here in Western Mass this year, with lots of severe storms, a tornado and even an earthquake (mind you, it was only a mini one.) Anyway, I totally agree with you that a nice bike ride is the perfect remedy for a grumpy mood. That’s how I felt yesterday and so we decided to put the bikes on the truck and go riding on the beautiful trails near Northampton, MA. We ended up cycling to another town for dinner and then back to where the truck was parked. It was a gorgeous evening and we caught golden hour on the way back and all signs of a bad mood were forgotten 🙂 Next week the weather is supposed to be stunning, we just have to sit out Irene first.

  2. I’m with you — I was just telling a friend I feel completely cheated out of summer. I think being a Southerner we take for granted we’ll have these gorgeous long, hot days sipping something icy on wide patios under the magnolia trees…not the case here. It’s already well into the 50’s here in London, rainy, windy and chilly. I’ve been more than a little homesick for summer, I have to be honest.

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