Trapped In The Tower – When Your Internet Service Goes Missing

I’m writing this in hopes that someone will see it and know that I am still here.

Most of last week I’ve been stuck in the dark hole of little to no internet service. There are brief flashes where for a few moments it seems as if I’ve been set free by the return of easy fast access to unrestricted updates and contact with friends, but my hopes are continually dashed when the wheel on my computer stays stuck in spin mode.

Except for the occasional Facebook download and the odd email sneaking through I am without contact.

Facebook lets me see a glimpse before shutting down and my internet contact is gone so quickly that I hardly have a chance to say anything in response. Gone is the ease with which I once clicked a LIKE button and only once yesterday was I able to sneak out a message after several hours of rebooting, disconnecting, and reposting my update on my Facebook profile.

If you’ve been waiting for a blog post … this one is likely coming to you by way of Alaska rather than Cornwall, England as I think I shall have to email it to my sister so she can post it to my blog for me.

It’s funny what you miss when you are locked away from access to what you once enjoyed. It feels like a solitary confinement of sorts where I can hear the guards talking to each other about what’s happening in the world, but I’m only able to catch a few words here and there and never enough to satisfy my desire for more information.

While my intention is meant to be funny with this whinging update, I am actually finding little to laugh about during my unplanned withdrawal process.

BT Internet seems to be doing little to rectify the problem and I imagine them sitting somewhere having another cup of tea, checking the Facebook status of their mates content in the knowledge that they are the main game in town and the only real choice for service.

I have to cut this short to see if I can get this out before the wheel begins to spin again, I think I see someone down below that I might be able to hit with this crumpled ball of words if I can toss it far enough to get their attention … looks like they’re turning around, that’s right pick it up, come on … you can do it, please oh please oh please, YES!