Heart Chocolate – Sweet Love

Heart Chocolate - Dublin, IrelandIt doesn’t take much to make me think of my sweet husband and a weekend away in Dublin without him just before Valentine’s Day kept him ever-present in my mind.

Despite a busy schedule of seeing the sights and long talks over coffee with my friend David, I found myself imagining what it would have been like to walk the streets of Dublin with the younger version of John as he was when he lived there 40 years ago.

Staring into my ‘heart’ chocolate at a table in Bewley’s, a place that he had recommended and whose tables he sat at years before, I felt only gratitude and a kind of sweet contentment knowing he was missing me too.

Valentine’s Day is the last in our trinity of dates that bunch together at the beginning of the year and mark the anniversaries that defined our early time together. Four years ago today I stepped off an airplane to meet John face to face. Most of you know this story, but if you’re new to GOTJ, you can click on the airplane link for the full ride.

I was full of hope and romantic daydreams with a clear musical soundtrack that began and ended with this tender song of longing.

We’ll go back to Bedruthan Steps for our annual Valentine’s Day ramble and snap a photograph to mark the anniversary of our first visit there. I’ll likely add it to this post later if you’d like to come back for a look.

Chocolate Hearts For John From Dublin

Updated Post:

Here’s a couple of photos from our afternoon at Bedruthan Steps. It was so chilly we didn’t stay out long, but we had a warm drink and a flapjack afterwards and I took a photograph of John in the afternoon light that I think might become a favorite.

John Winchurch & Elizabeth Harper - February 14, 2012- Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

John Winchurch - February 14, 2012

8 thoughts on “Heart Chocolate – Sweet Love

  1. Aww…I spent a few months there in 2009 on a consulting engagement – not in the 100% centre but near the museums and Heuston station. It’s got a lot of fantastic architecture as you know and I was only sorry I didn’t have a car on any of those occasions to tour the countryside I saw as a child with my parents on a trip. You get extra brownie points for being American in some parts, you know. It helped that my sister looks very much like my Grandma, with her red hair nad freckles. Looking forward to catching the Bedruthan steps pics later. You’re certainly putting that G11 through its paces, woman!

  2. It is nice to see that romance is not yet gone, It is always good to know that people love as much as you two do.
    kindest Regards.
    Tony and Jacquie sanders.

  3. I grew up in the outskirts of Dublin and as I became a teenager I used to try to act very grown up by sitting at a little table in Bewleys and sip a coffee. I could never afford the cakes but I really enjoyed making those coffees last as I watched the world go by. It makes me all nostalgic to read about you being there!

  4. I met my Valentine in the last few years and I also like to imagine what it would have been like to have met him when we were both younger. Somehow I think it was meant to bloom late. You look marvelous together, you two.

  5. I love Over the Rhine! That sounds like you recorded it live?

    The photo of John is lovely. I do like your annual tradition of going to the steps to take a picture. When we first started dating, it was the day of the Super Bowl. So, that became our default anniversary reminder while we were dating. I like yours better! haha.

  6. You are right, that is an awesome photo, black/white, the light and the whitewashed cottage and tea pots in the sill and your handsome Englishman “cooperating” to a perfect composition. thanks for sharing your sweet loving traditions.

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