What Do You See … How Images Speak Differently To Each Of Us

It’s funny how two people can look at the same photograph and be drawn to different parts of it. This morning I filled my computer screen with the photograph above and asked my husband John what he saw when he looked at it.

His immediate response was, ‘The church.’ I can see why his eye might follow the leading lines of the road straight to the church, but that’s not what I was seeing when I took it. I was certainly aware that it was there, but it wasn’t foremost in my mind at the time.

It was the three figures dressed all in black that made me turn my camera in their direction. They looked so alike in their dark clothing walking down the very center of the street that I quickly snapped three photographs of them in motion and immediately began to imagine all kinds of good versus evil scenarios … a sort of ‘Holy High Noon‘ Dublin style, only there’s no Gary Cooper or Grace Kelly, it’s just the Catholic church on one side and three unidentified strangers striding towards it armed with briefcases instead of six shooters.

How about you … what do you see?

13 thoughts on “What Do You See … How Images Speak Differently To Each Of Us

  1. My eyes were drawn to the lights on the left, and then the church. I think this is an amazing insight into how different our minds all really are. It’s a busy image, but I love your interpretation! I imagine their little line formation would’ve been quite intriguing as they passed. My only question is if they are strangers or sheep, all so alike to each other, yet otherwise quite different…

  2. First I saw the church , love the details on it.
    then it was the buildings on the side. looking at the composition of the image, and trying to figure out where this place is. Then it was the woman in beige jacket. Didn’t notice the 3 black figures until you mentioned it!

  3. Um…the church…I think maybe cos a) it’s lighter so will draw the eye and b) there are other dark vertical lines near the 3 men and so they don’t immediately stand out as much. If you lightened the rest of the surroundings. or they had more contrast around their heads, maybe? But hey do you really want to spend your life doing PS post?
    The church stands out for me also as a religious reference amid all this street of daily to and fro and secular commerce.

  4. For me it was the Noa Noa shop sign on the right – it’s a high profile Danish company here in Copenhagen and I didn’t realise they had made it in to Ireland!

  5. I see the green bus.

    It was only when I left Ireland to live in England that I stopped to notice that in Ireland buses and post boxes are green but in England they are red. I often threatened to creep out after dark and paint the local village post box green! My husband wouldn’t let me!

  6. My eye travelled along the lines of the shops on both sides and the pathway as they all led towards the church. Then it was the lady in the beige jacket who looked like she was engaging. As the photographer, connecting with you, even though it’s possible she wasn’t.

  7. The street as a whole got my attention simply because it is so old world and the look of the European streets I love. Also the contrast of bright colors along the street to the grays of the church is very compelling.

  8. I think that with everything else being more or less linear, I was drawn to the circle window in the church. It does have a bit of a natural halo of light that also draws the eye. Like someone else said, I didn’t notice the three figures until you mentioned it. It’s fun to hear what others see in the photo. It’s cool that no two people see exactly the same thing.

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