Making Space For Something New

There’s an echo down the hallway that sounds empty and loud from where I sit as I write. What John likes to refer to as the ‘East Wing’ is being readied for demolition … well, parts of it anyway.

It’s actually the hallway that’s been emptied because it connects to a wall that won’t be there after Wednesday and … then there’s the kitchen too. It’s having a pretty major redo over the next few months and I’d like to share it with you.

Here’s a few before photos before I show you our breakdown in progress.

(The sink, dishwasher, hidden fridge, cooktop, and oven are staying in the same place. The countertop/worktop and the tile are going to be changed and we’re adding a new extractor fan/hood over the cooktop. The table and chairs in the photo below are being changed as well. We like the table, but not the chairs so they are on their way out. The table may stay … at least for a while.)

If you came for coffee right now you’d see a house with dishes and china scattered through several rooms. Our dining room table is dismantled and leaning against a kitchen wall, and spices and other foodstuffs are sitting temporarily on the coffee table in a space where they’re likely to have to be moved as the big work begins.

(The right corner wall is being taken out which will give us more room for the dining area)

What began as plan to open up a space and gain more room for the dining area has morphed into a major kitchen remodel. I am tickled to pieces having never had an opportunity to have a say in any kitchen design and my head is spinning now with possibilities and the decisions we need to make.

(John’s been taking things apart to get ready for the builders and in addition to our mess, you can see where the fridge and dishwasher are located.)

(The windows are being replaced along with the dated Artex ceiling and we’re adding hardwood floors)

Maybe I could run a few ideas past you to see what you think after I do some more research.

If you have a dream kitchen you’d like to share or maybe what you wish you could change in your own, leave me a comment or a link and I’ll put them all together in some posts to follow. As always, I appreciate your thoughts.

8 thoughts on “Making Space For Something New

  1. I remember last week managing to clear some space at my room, but now, it gets crowded even more… (sigh), keeping the space clear isn’t easy.

  2. Elizabeth….well all I can say is good luck!! I could not bear to think of re-doing a kitchen, maybe you have plans to be eating out a great deal! I hope the work will be done swiftly,(Grimpus isn’t do it is he??) and dust will be kept at a minimum. See you and your ‘new’ kitchen in 4 weeks time….hurrah!

  3. According to Food Network Magazine, bamboo are the best wood floors to have in a kitchen. The wood is supposed to be better for your back and feet. Gaylon put down bamboo floors in our kitchen for my birthday and I love them. Good luck with the remodel. We have been through several. It can be very stessfull.

  4. I think the kitchen looks lovely now. But if you’re making changes, how about soapstone counters if the cabinets remain white, or if you change the cabinets to a dark color, Carreras marble.

  5. Lovely of you to share it with those who don’t have to share the dust! Having room for lots of dinner guests is a delight.

  6. I love watching remodels happen. Fun! I like the idea of bamboo flooring. Another idea in the kitchen area itself is cork flooring. You can waterproof it and it looks really cool, plus it’s naturally fatigue relieving. Then have hardwood in the dining area. I agree about recycled glass counters. They can be gorgeous.

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