Forget The Dog Chew, Just Pass Me A Pint

There’s something special about a place where even your dog can have a seat at the table. I had to take a photo last week when I walked past a family having lunch in our village pub and saw Maisie sitting there like she was waiting for her order.

Interestingly, while dogs are allowed in this part of the pub, children are not. There’s a special family room for people with children under thirteen and yes, dogs can go in there too.

I love this picture … I can almost hear the man saying, ” No Maisie, you may not have a pint. I told you before we came, you can have the dog chew the barman gives you, but no beer, not after the last time! “

12 thoughts on “Forget The Dog Chew, Just Pass Me A Pint

  1. What a lovely picture. Now if that was my Jessica, I just know that both plates would be missing half their contents. No way would she have behaved as well as Maisie.

  2. oh Elizabeth you made me cry again!! Love the photos and yes I can hear that conversation as well! lol Look forward to seeing you soon. Love to you and John x x x

  3. so cute! I must admit… though I love children there have been times in public places that I’ve wished for a childproof room! More the fault of bad parents than bad kids.

  4. I can’t imagine my dog being that mellow in a pub. What a dignified little dog.

    By the way, I loved your post combining your remodel pics with the emotional journey of tearing down walls.

    • She was perfectly behaved on her little cushion. The way she was sitting up caught my eye as dogs normally tend to sprawl in the pub … better to have the dogs sprawling than the people, right? Glad you like the last remodeling post and thanks for saying so, there’s more to come.

  5. I love this. Dogs allowed everywhere, while children are confined to one room. Here dogs aren’t allowed anywhere food is served due to health and sanitation ordinances. Bah-humbug. Children carry a helluva lot more germs than dogs. I want to live where you live. Adorable photo!

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