14 thoughts on “Time Flies – Catching The Last Light Of 2012

    • Happy New Year to you too, Mariellen! John is sitting next to me finishing his glass of wine. We stayed in tonight and watched Graham Norton and the fireworks in London. John just said, ” How sad is that,” but I have a busy day tomorrow so it suited me just fine to low be key this year. xoxx

  1. So cool Elizabeth! I just finished my last Children’s ski lesson for 2012 and I am frozen to the core. Have a wonderful and Happy 2013! Love to Jon. I am sitting in a warm bath as my knees are stiffening up. It snowed 2″ here in St. Louis. x

    • Snow, Armella … you lucky thing! We’ve had rain and lots of it. Hope you have some fun planned for this evening. Happy New Year and we’ll look forward to seeing you in Cornwall or Devon in later this year. xx

  2. Happy New Year! our friends who live in London wrote on Facebook that they (like you and John) watched celebration on the tv, . Apparently, the activities along the Thames River bring out big crowds who brave the cold.

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