The Not So Lost Original 82 Posts … Of Gifts Of The Journey


Unearthing An Archive

If you’ve been paying attention to my blog over the last few days you may have received an update or two you that found confusing. As long-time readers know, GOTJ had another home before moving to this one.

Stalker Forces Change

I was forced to change my website in early 2009 because I couldn’t moderate comments on iWeb and I had begun to accumulate ugly comments from a woman who had stalked and harassed me for months before finding my blog and making her vitriolic comments public. It’s an old story that I thought had died after not hearing from Maggie Namjou or  Margreta (Maggie) Kerr for several years.

Emails From Others

I have received emails from other people asking about her during this quiet time, people like Louise and Ian who contacted me last week with questions about what John and I went through while Maggie was harassing us.

Having saved hundreds of emails she sent us and recordings of the screaming rants in our phone messages on our wedding day, we told Ian and Louise that we would be happy to help with evidence as they deal with a lawsuit involving Maggie Namjou.

I don’t need to rehash the past, but if you don’t know the ugly story and want to know more, you can read about it by clicking on the links. and

After Louise contacted me about the missing links to the old posts dealing with Maggie Namjou, I decided while I was dusting off the past for her, I would repost the original 82 posts ensuring all writing associated with GOTJ could be found in one place.

History Repeats Itself 

So if some of what you see over the next few days or weeks looks familiar, check the date to see if it’s one of the missing 82.

I’ve been able to transfer the comments associated with each post, but the links back to the blog sites of those commenting seems to be lost. Please feel free to leave another comment if you’d like and thanks so much for your interest.

New Posts

One last thing, I plan to add new material during this time so don’t stay away thinking it’s the season of reruns … you won’t even see the 82 unless you’ve signed up for an email notification found in the top right corner or you go looking for them in the archives. I found my footing with these early posts. I hope you’ll find something in them too.

5 thoughts on “The Not So Lost Original 82 Posts … Of Gifts Of The Journey

    • Thanks, Mariellen … I knew it would be confusing. I should have posted this one first, but I wasn’t sure that my ‘Happiness Lives Here’ post would go through with the old 2008 date and line up properly in the archives. It’s going to be good to have it all sorted and in one place. I hated not having the backstory on GOTJ.

      Are you coming to Cornwall anytime soon … we’d love to see you.

  1. Wow – I came to your blog much later, so I hadn’t read your stalker story. Sometimes it seems like playing a slot machine online – you only hope you don’t get unwanted attention. Or, as in this case, the person used your blog as yet another route to harass you. It’s very unfortunate and I’m sorry that you had to go through that.

  2. That’s a horrible situation to be in. Stalkers are a total nightmare. I just hope you find some solution to the problem and get a normal life back.

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