My Magpie Fall Into Winter


See what happens when you leave things untended for too long, you come back to find mushrooms sprouting everywhere. Seriously, my spam folder is full of little gems and none so nice as these lovelies found growing in our back garden.

I did not mean to abandon GOTJ, but my everyday life wrapped its arms around me and slowly seduced me away so that every time I thought I might stop by and leave a word or two, something else caught my eye. Like the easily distracted Magpie, I have filled up the days and minutes of the last few months with whatever shiny distraction looked more appealing in the moment.

It would be great to say that the distracting moments have all been golden, but dark shadows have passed over our sweet village with one terrible secret coming too close to where we call home. The fallout is ongoing and has felt overwhelming at times, stirring up old ghosts for me as the details have been revealed. I know I am being vague and I promise it is not with intent to tease, but rather a desire to wait until things have worked their way through the legal system.

Things are ‘all go’ here as John and I make our home ready for a quiet Christmas and I promise to be back with some more seasonal photos over the next few days beginning with images from a lovely candlelight Christmas carol service I attended in a tiny village church nearby.

Hand to heart, I shall endeavor to do better by my blog and my readers in the new year and if any of you are still out there, I would love a little roll call or a cheery hello.

20 thoughts on “My Magpie Fall Into Winter

  1. Hi Elizabeth Love your writing and photography! I really enjoy your work and have been following you for a while. the photos on the beach are wonderful. My husband also blogs at Word Press BHDandme and that’s how I found you. Hope you have a Cool Yule and hello to John – I’ll let him explain! Very best wishes Deryn Energy Therapy Cumbria – a safe and empowering way of encouraging the body to heal

    Ms Deryn Walker 01228 711388 ( (

  2. SEnding Christmas love and greetings from one of your “followers” in Sunny So. Cal.  I am of an English bloodline, so I love your posts about your new life in England, and you and “your wonderful man’s” exploits!  I have missed you…so good to hear, and glad you had the experience of singing carols at a quaint village church.  What a wonderful LORD and so worthy of our praise! Pam Houston Buena Park, CA> 


    • Hi Deryn. Lovely to hear from you. I’m glad you are enjoying Elizabeth’s blog. Will catch up with Mike’s over Christmas. Best wishes to you all.

  3. Welcome back Elizabeth; I have missed you, the beauty you share, and your thoughts. Yes, your words sound ominous and frightening; I hope things are ok. I will be praying for you and your wonderful sounding life across the pond!

  4. You have got me intrigued by what is happening a few miles away, Elizabeth. I do hope it is not too unpleasant for you all up there on the Moor.

    Hoping you both have a lovely Christmas in spite of everything.

  5. Hurrah! So glad to see your post. I must admit to thinking of you a time or two and wondering if something was wrong. So, you were missed.

  6. Hi Elizabeth,

    Still here! I can empathize with your life-getting-in-the-way-of-blogging situation. Writing more is one of my goals for next year. Maybe we can challenge each other?

    Merry Christmas and the best 2014-

  7. I’m up for that challenge too! Big hugs to you Elizabeth and John also. Life is pretty stressful here closer to the Smoke (London) which is as much a factor of dealing with the bereavement of earlier in the year. Very glad to have you back in the saddle, take it easy, no pressure from us. Do what yo need to do to be your fullest and happiest self. xx, Mariellen

  8. Hi Elizabeth, we were in your village today performing at the Inn, nice crowd. Hope John and yourself have a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

  9. Hi Elizabeth. What a lovely surprise to see your post today. I hope you are ok. It’s important to focus on real life even if that means blogging takes a bit of a back seat. As long as both you and John are happy and healthy we are all happy to wait until you feel the urge to blog more regularly. Happy Christmas. Gina.

  10. Happy New Year to you and John from Marietta, GA. I have missed your lovely thoughts and photos! I think of you often and wish you the very best. We never know what each day will bring, but your beautiful blog has surely blessed many of us, and I will always be a big fan.
    Hoping 2014 will be good to you – Lori

  11. Your writings take me to a place I long to live; my family being from Scotland, though long ago. Just looking at your photos brings a longing to my heart – they are beautiful in their simplicity. Thank you SO much for sharing – I love reading your posts; please continue – we all really enjoy your writings.

  12. Hello Elizabeth ~ Just letting you know that, yes, you were missed. Thank you for the update — though I’m not traditionally religious, the little church is fascinating, and looks like a beautiful place for quiet contemplation. Take care as you work through the unpleasantness in the village. I hope it is resolved soon. May 2014 be a lovely year for you and John.

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