The Gifts Of Time And Love


Ten birthdays together hardly seems possible yet here we are. It was a photo much like this one taken recently that made me take a second look almost ten years ago when John’s profile showed up in Guardian Soulmates.


I was intrigued by his photo looking out to sea and have been delighted for the better part of the last ten years to see him looking back at me. One can do a lot of living and loving in a decade, a date we will actually reach just after 2017 rolls over into the new year. We have a shared history now and I am grateful for each year with him.

I tend to think every is birthday special while John would be happy not to have a big fuss made over him, this forces me to be more creative when planning a surprise for my ( no parties please ) man.  I’m not one who necessarily likes to be on the receiving end of a surprise either ( depending on what it is ) but I do love to set them up.

It’s still a bit early here, but I will putting plan ” Make it Memorable ” into operation soon and will be back to share how it went later providing all goes well and I can pull it off.

There’s a larger story I’m keen to share, but for now I am protecting the surprise.  Shhh …