Blogging Breaks & Art Show Updates

Blogging Break

If you thought my absence from blogging this weekend was in response¬†to the comment that spawned this post last week, you’d be wrong. Over the last two days, I spent 14 hours attending a free online class from 6:00 pm -1:00 am on both Friday and Saturday night. It was a photography related class that offered some great information. I found it helpful and hopeful and feel sure you’ll see the influence in my future work.

The Art Show

I wanted to share a few photos from the art opening last week that showcased the work of the students at our village primary school. If you remember, I wrote about the after school class which was the work of my friend Tina who had great help and support from Lara, another talented friend of mine.

Tina & Lara before the show with the student’s art.

Tina put together a book of photos and even printed my blog post about the class and put it in the book as well.

People were encouraged to take the art books off the wall display to have a proper look.

Tina is talking with our friend and neighbor Betty who is wearing blue, and Betty’s friend Beryl, in red.

There were loads of people for the opening and the children seemed pleased by the interest of so many. The show will be available to see for the next two weeks.

I remember this little girl from the class and it was great to see her explaining her work with such confidence.

There were yummy treats, teas, juices, and coffee.

There was even a book to sign at the entrance just like you’d see at any art show and in all the excitement, I forgot to sign it.