A Friday Field Trip- Brownsham To Hartland Quay

I know I haven’t been around for the last couple of days, but we’ve had a visitor from London and have been out to the places everyone wants to see when they say they’re coming to see us. I put together a little photo tour to show you what we saw on our field trip.


I have to have frequent stops to record images like this…


or this…



It’s difficult to get lost when there are signs along the way like this one.


Sometimes you meet up with wooly animals like the one above.


Dylan the dog, waits for his dog walkers.


As I went to the edge for the shot, John snapped this one of me.


Okay…I know this looks funny, but look at the view. I was taking a picture not a nap.


This was not the only hill we climbed.


We walked this valley. It reminded me of Scotland.


Pheasant…we walked up them on and I got off a couple of shots. This was the best one.


The two dark spots on the path are John and his eldest daughter.



The yellow flowers are called Gorse…they grow everywhere and smell like coconut.


The walk was well worth the dramatic views.


More hills…


and even more hills….


Follow the arrow and go out about an inch and then down to see the woman swimming in the freezing cold water.


See what I mean…



If you look over to the far right, there is a wooden bench for watching the waves.


John was walking past this remains of an old building when the moon came out.




Elizabeth & John

We started our coast path walk at Brownsham and walked past Hartland Point where you can take a helicopter to Lundy, an island John loves to visit (we’re going in January ) and we finished at Hartland Quay.

Soaking Up The Spring Sun


Sleeping In The Sun

Sleeping In The Sun

At a glance, this kitty cat picture might look a bit disturbing, but I assure you…he’s fine and only doing what we’re all doing here in Cornwall…soaking up the sweet warmthof the spring sunshine.  With all the lovely spring flower photographs I’ve been enjoying on the blogs I read regularly, I thought I’d post a few of my own for you to enjoy.

It was February 2008, when I first arrived in Cornwall, meeting John face to face on Valentine’s Day. After two lovely weeks with him, I went back to Georgia and didn’t return until May, when the colors of Cornwall had shifted dramatically. It’s a great gift to see the seasons transition this year with the sweet man who is now my husband. I love how he seems to know every plant and bird species by name and everyday feels like a field trip as we explore the places around us.



Kitty Cat Closeup

Kitty Cat Closeup


A House Just Off The Village Green (16th Century)

A House Just Off The Village Green (16th Century)




A View From The Village Green

A View From The Village Green




Jackdaws (Crows) Flying Home To The Church Tower


Building New Nests For Spring

Building New Nests For Spring


Where Do You Want This...

Where Do You Want This...




Close To The Heart Of It


Almost A Flower

Almost A Flower


Golden Explosions At Sunset

Golden Explosions At Sunset


Fragile New Life

Fragile New Life


Flowering Buds

Flowering Buds


Future Pine Cone?

Future Pine Cone?


More Growing On The Pine

More Growing On The Pine

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