Heart Of Stone – Changing The Way We Think


Sometimes, having a heart of stone is not about being cold or unfeeling. Sometimes, it is about being strong and unbreakable, a foundation for things to come, a protective repository for dreams and ambitions, and sometimes it is just a rock reminder of where you have come from and how it feels to be here and present, cracks and all, sending a little message of hope, for those in need…to see.

I See You

I spotted this collection of everlasting love tokens after a long walk on Dartmoor one day with John. We were passing though a village when I noticed this scene in the window of someone’s home. If you look to the far left you can see John’s reflection lined up perfectly with the heart shaped stones in the window. Sometimes in life you think the thing you are focusing your attention on is all important, but if you pause for a minute and pull back, the real gift is waiting quietly just to be seen.

I tend concentrate a lot of energy on my writing and projects and can appear to lose sight of what else is happening around me at times. John is always there…constant and solid like these natural expressions of love in my photo. On this Love Thursday, I’d like to remind him that he fills my life and my view and even when he’s standing off to the side….I still see him.

Here’s a little song for him…from Ray LaMontagne…have a listen and pass it on to someone you love today.