Paris Fashion Week 2010


Paris Fashion 2010


When I began planning my trip to Paris with my sister, I went through my wardrobe looking for what might be comfortable for all the sightseeing we had planned and managed to pull together enough for the week. While I am sure my fashion choices did not scream tourist, they also did not attract any positive attention from Parisians with more fashion sense either.

Attention however, is not always a good thing especially when what you are wearing is so atrocious that it garners sneaky glances from people passing by like the woman in the sunglasses on the left. Double click on the image and check out the expression on her face. I find it ever so ironic that her hair resembles Meryl Streep’s when she portrayed a character in The Devil Wears Prada, based on Vogue fashion editor Anna Wintour.

I happened to catch sight of the serious fashion faux pas above while walking down a side street near the Paris Opera House where the fashion greats have had models strutting their stuff during Fashion Week. I’m willing to bet that no one invited this guy to attend any of the events.

I had to sneak a quick photo of him so that the next time I travel I can remind myself not to worry so much about what I take to wear as I can never splash out quite like the guy pictured above. After snapping a picture or two, I turned my sister and said, ” I sure hope he’s not an American.”