Paris…Then And Now

” When good Americans die they go to Paris ”

– Oscar Wilde


I’ve been working on a few new things around here, and I’ll be back with something else in a bit, but here’s a little something I managed to capture in Paris.

6 thoughts on “Paris…Then And Now

    • Thanks…I loved being up in the towers of Notre-Dame. The pictures I got that day were so much fun to see later. I think I was up there so long two other groups came through before I pulled myself away and headed back down the 386 ( I think ) stairs.

  1. You take the most AMAZING photographs. I don’t like it up there (did it once, never again) so it is really special to see the view through your creative eyes.

    • Thank you Carolyn…I had a great time up there. John skipped it that day and went off to explore the Left Bank and sit in the sun at a cafe instead.
      The view is magnificent, but it is a long way up and bit tight in the staircase when lots of people are in a hurry behind you.

  2. Great light, great sky, great composition – love the photo!
    I wonder if the little stone chap minded when the Eiffeltower went up and changed his vista after so many centuries.

  3. Gorgeous photo, such magnificent texture.

    I’ve never been up there and not likely to do it. So I’m with Carolyn! 1) I’m lazy 2) I have a fear of going DOWN .. the people behind me would make me hyperventilate.

    I like Bim’s thought!

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