Shining A Light On The Impact Of Indecision


Choices…sometimes there are just too many and I am unable to decide what to do next. So I sit, stuck in indecision. The impact of this affects a variety of other areas of my life chief of which is a low level restlessness that causes me to feel as if I’m not getting enough done. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been productive in other areas, but the simple task of creating a post to share has caused me to do a bit of procrastinating where my blog is concerned. I could use a little help from my readers. So much happened on our honeymoon trip to Paris and I took so many pictures that every time I scroll through my images, I just can’t decide which to use and what stories to share with you. Here’s where you all come in…I’m going to post a few pictures and I’d like for you to leave a comment as to which ones intrigue you and leave you wanting to know more.

Please leave your response in the comment section by Sunday noon…that’s noon wherever you are and I’ll write about the picture or pictures that create the most interest.  Thanks for your help and I look forward to seeing your comments.

If there’s a comment for each one then I’ll respond to each in return so don’t feel you have to choose one based on what others have chosen.

(1) E with Painting


(2) Artists


(3) Cat


(4) Monk


(5) Window View


(6) Painter


(7) Doorknob


(8) Backside


(9) Woman


(10) The Watchers


(11) Dark Light


(12) The Ring


(13) Help


(14) Help X 2


(15)  Chagall ceiling



That’s all for now and thanks for your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Shining A Light On The Impact Of Indecision

  1. I’d love to hear about the ring photo, for starters!

    If I understand your thoughts correctly, I can relate to your having a lot of material and wanting to ‘make it perfect’ when you write/post about it. All I can offer are a couple comments. First, everything you do is quality – your photos, your writing, and most of all your thinking – so don’t worry about ‘getting it right’ because whatever you do WILL be your usual, unique self and standard of excellence. Second, though I’m intrigued by all the photos you posted, I’m probably most interested in what YOU found most inspiring, fun, memorable, etc. in Paris (or anywhere). Your taking your wedding bouquet to Père Lachaise is but one example of your ability to communicate and share a truly unique experience and ‘sensibility’ … I’m rambling, but trying to say don’t worry too much (ha – from one perfectionist to another but trying to learn not to be) because all your readers will like anything you choose to post and write about.

    Take care and cheers.

  2. The ring and the doorknob are intriguing – both obviously have significance. Like your previous commentator, I like all of your photographs, what are you thinking in the first one?
    I look forward to hearing more.


  3. I’m curious about the door knob photo. While many of the other photos seem to be about important works of art (Chagall’s ceiling at the Opera, statues and paintings), or of things you observed (the Roma trying to distract the guy by telling him she found ‘his’ ring, the rescue operation), this one is a little more obscure. Did it fail to function, were you trapped somewhere??

    Of course I look forward to any and ALL of the stories!

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