The Long Walk From Mevagissey To Gorran Haven & Back


Yesterday John and I took a long walk along the south coast path of Cornwall. We began in the village of Mevagissey and picked up the path just past the harbor where colorful boats rocked gently and seagulls battled loudly for bits of dead fish floating near the boats in the low tide water that edged the harbor.


With a fish that big you’d think they could share it, but most of time, the strongest one wants to take it all. Take a look in the two gulls over at the right in the picture above…don’t they look like they’re planning something.


Meanwhile,  I think there may be more fish in the ( gulp) sea…



Leaving the seagulls to battle over brunch, we climbed up out of the village and onto the path going towards Gorran Haven. The day could not have been more perfect, blue sky, a light wind, and everything blooming and greening up for spring. People in the village had paintbrushes out touching up for the season of tourists that come for summer holidays and school breaks. The coast path though was mostly empty with only a few people passing us fro the opposite direction. 



This green space with sheep was what we could see when we looked to the right and below is what we saw on our left….        img_73035     


It’s a remarkable contrast…it reminds me of both Scotland and the California coast.



You have to mind where you go as sometimes the path takes you right along the edge. 


These forget-me-not flowers almost don’t look real. John said they were a bit early for this time of year and then he reminded me of how when I came to Cornwall to see him the first time, I brought him a packet of forget-me-not seeds. He planted them after I left  and they didn’t do well here in Cornwall. He has the nicest green thumb, but only one tiny flower survived. Of course, one can be enough…if it’s the right one.


6 thoughts on “The Long Walk From Mevagissey To Gorran Haven & Back

  1. i love hearing and seeing what you find along your journeys there in your part of the world – so different from mine. I was thinking as I was looking at them that the contrast in what you see from one moment to the next is so varied. I can’t imagine being in such a beautiful place all of the time. The forget-me-nots reminded me of those little fabric flowers that pop in place to a plastic center (know what I’m talking about)
    thank you for sharing your world with us.

  2. My, oh my. I can hardly imagine this being my regular view. You know how blessed you are, of course. I feel blessed just to have viewed these places through your eyes. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. Hello Elizabeth,
    I found your site when I googled this walk. We have tried to do it twice, and twice we have come upon cows in the field. With 2 children I was too nervous, so we turned back. Did you experience the cows? I can’t see them in your photos. We were on holiday, but I know the area well. Your photos and writing are inspiring. I have been scrolling through your back catalogue. I have bookmarked your site so that I can get my Cornwall fix when Berkshire life starts to pale. Best wishes, Sarah C-S

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