Directions & Choice


Good Morning!

I’m like a snail most days… at least that’s what it feels like to me.



I tend to check things out very throughly before moving in new directions… generally looking at things from all angles before proceeding.


Although I don’t have a huge fear of failing when beginning a new project, I do tend to give things a good going over before taking a leap in a new direction.


Occasionally, I worry that I’m moving so slowly that I’ll lose my momentum or that others will pass me by.



Sometimes, even when the idea is there, there are just too many choices…and since I’m not really an either or kind of person…


I generally will try more than one…….at the same time. 


Unfortunately, there are times that even when I decide to choose one over the other, I’m still not as focused as I’d like. At least with this decision, I won’t go hungry. I’ll be back a little later with something more substantial….after breakfast…maybe?



2 thoughts on “Directions & Choice

  1. Sweet entry. I like the snail photos. You make the snail look really cute…but I’ve just found a few brutalized seedlings in the garden reminding me of their voracious appetites.
    I hope you’ve tried the blue eggs…they’re my favourites.
    You’ve asked about photo gear on my page yesterday – I don’t quite know where you normally check for answers, so here it is again: a canon powershot G1. Not the equipment I can recommend for night work!

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