Today my nephew Nik is eleven.

 There are many things I’d like to say about him, but at eleven, he’d like a bit of censoring.

 Say too much and I’ll embarrass him, say too little and I’m afraid I won’t properly convey how much I like the person

he’s growing into.


 He’s interesting to talk with and teaches me something whenever we speak.

Like a typical eleven year old, he has a dog he loves.



She’s a sweet little beagle named Ingrid. 

Unlike a typical boy his age, he likes to makes movies rather than just watch them.

 Sometimes, Ingrid has a leading role.

Nik taught himself how to make movies using a small Nikon and a Mac. 

His movies vary.

Sometimes, they’re black and white with special effects like slow motion.

His sense of humor is easily apparent in the images and story line.

He made a movie for my birthday last year when he was ten.

He read here about an experience I had in England

and made this movie to mirror my story.

Home schooled in Alaska, I think he’s exceptional.

When I visited last December, I was able to see his skill with his electric guitar, a Fender.

It’s a great guitar for a young musician partial to Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, my personal favorite Bruce Springsteen, and okay…KISS. (not my favorite)


He’s a builder and a doer, creative and kind with a scientific mind and an enthusiastic spirit.

Nik - First Place On Trans Fats Science Project

Nik - First Place On Trans Fats Science Project

Last week he won first place with his science fair project on Trans Fats. He’s been trans fat focused since last summer

when he talked his mom (my sister, Margaret) into buying him the book, Eat This, Not That. After the science

competition, he went book shopping again, for volume 3 of Eat This, Not That so my sister figures he’s not done yet.


Today he’s eleven.

Happy Birthday



Nik's Art Project

Nik's Art Project





8 thoughts on “Eleven

  1. What a cool kid!

    HB, Nik. Can’t wait to see what other things you get up to.

    I found your blog a few weeks ago through, I think, an American expat link of some sort. I really enjoy following it.

    PS – my blog is written by my cat.

  2. Happy birthday, Nik. Love the post and photos by Aunt Elizabeth and the movie about the sheep story! Very impressive to have been made by someone so young.

    Cheers and good luck with your music and artistic pursuits.

  3. Happy Birthday to Nik! He does sounds really cool. And it gives a good name to homeschooling, which I’m considering doing myself. Does your sister keep any kind of blog about her experience? I just started a blog on homeschooling on my website to help me as I make this decision.

  4. Happy (belated ) birthday Nik! My boy Oliver is 11 on Thursday 16th April- and I think they have lots in common- not least making stop motion films with Lego…. and Oliver ends 4 years of home schooling a few days after his birthday by starting a new school….
    Alaska, wow….

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