Shades Of Grey And In Between



Many things are not as black and white for me as they appear to be for others. Faith, acceptance and unquestioning belief come so easily to some providing a foundation that guides them in all ways. My own thoughts, especially at this time of year when Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ, drift back and forth through non-committal shades of grey. I feel as if I am Thomas reborn at times…I know I’m not alone though and this song captures much of what I feel on this day and most days.

The song’s worth hearing…take a listen, when you have a moment.

Doubting Thomas

9 thoughts on “Shades Of Grey And In Between

  1. P.S. I just listened to Doubting Thomas and I loved it. You are, my friend, in a place that you have awakened. To not know, is to know. To me, that means that you are allowing the very essence if you are to lead you. And sometimes, it is not belief (structural – identification) with familiarity in order for you to have faith. You can feed others and live the faith that’s inside of you – in all of us. I see and feel your energy – your faith!

    Happy Conscious Friday!

  2. Elizabeth, I have many questions myself, and in many ways I feel out of place in this conservative rural GA….you probably know what I mean. I have always wanted to explore different religions and even Christianity more deeply, but I haven’t had the time. I am doing some reading now, but I feel this is a life-long journey and there’s no reason to hurry with it.

    Have you ever listened to the podcast Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett? She talks to people of all faiths and it’s a fascinating show. I gobble most episodes up. Also, she came out with a book titled Speaking of Faith and I read it recently. LOVED IT. You can read my notes on it in my book journal. I think you would enjoy it.

    Your photo is beautiful. It’s perfect, really. And I love that it’s in b&w.

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