Asking For What You Need – Comment Support


You probably have noticed I’ve changed things up here at Gifts Of The Journey and I think I’m happy with this new look, but I need a little help from my friends to finish it up the way I want. I’ve made myself half crazy trying to do it myself which is one of my best and worst traits at times… not knowing when to give up and say,  “Help!”  I’ve had no success so I’m reaching out now saying, “Could somebody please send me a little directional support on how best to change the comment area of this template.”

The message that pops up when one tries to leave a comment is extremely off putting to me and not something I would ever say to anyone gracious enough to take the time to leave a thought behind. I appreciate each comment and value the opinions of others so until I get this worked out please ignore the tone of the comment section and thank you as always for your interest in my world and words.