Beautiful Babies & Birthday Suits


You must’ve been a beautiful baby

‘Cause baby look at you now.’

-Johnny Mercer

Birthdays are special days and I am delighted to celebrate John’s birthday with him today. Finding each other later in our lives, it’s only the second one that I been able to share with him and I’m grateful and happy to be able to be able to say Happy Birthday to my darling husband. When trying to decide which picture to use today, I asked him if he minded if I used the one above where he’s wearing only a curious look and his birthday suit. Easy going as always, he was fine with appearing naked in my blog. Today we’ll have a special lunch out in Padstow, a pretty little port town we both enjoy and a birthday cookout later in the evening with a carrot cake I’m making for dessert. I’ll be back with a few pictures of the day, but for now…here’s a few more of the beautiful baby who grew into a wonderful man.












My Birthday boy in 2009

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Babies & Birthday Suits

  1. Love the old photos. A view into another world. He was the picture of robust health! (as he remains today). So happy you two are celebrating together. Hope the carrot cake is a smashing success. Happy Birthday John!

  2. As always, I love your blog. Have a great lunch and delicious carrot cake. I do love the old pictures of John as a baby! Don’t you just love a glimpse of time past. You can almost know what they were doing. A Sunday afternoon, the dad a leave from the navy, look at the garden. A walk to the grocery store. Hope y’all have a great day, and again, John I hope you have a happy birthday!

  3. Gorgeous photos, all. I especially like the last two together – John, you haven’t changed a bit!

    A belated happy birthday and lovely to hear you had a good day.

  4. i know i’m late (i’m so far behind of reading my favorite blogs) but happy birthday to your husband. i love these old photos – they are priceless to you i am sure. looks like there was a photographer in his family because these are some exceptional shots.
    how did your carrot cake come out?

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