The Color Of Joy


The color of joy….yellow, green, and blue and a field full of sunny delight.

We’re away for a few days having been spirited off by ferry to one of our favorite islands to spend a little time with family. Yesterday my eyes went wide with surprise to see this field of my favorite flowers still full of color on the last day of September. John’s daughter graciously pulled the car over so I could get a few quick shots and there was even a tiny visitor on one of the petals. I have an affinity for these little winged creatures. If you want to know why, you can go here to read about it.





We’re off to do a coast path walk this morning. The sky is blue, the fields are green, and from the window I can see a spot of yellow sunshine… all the colors necessary of the right shade of joy.

Share a bit below if you’d like…. about what’s making your world brighter today.

13 thoughts on “The Color Of Joy

  1. So beautifuL! I love the shot with your little lovebug. I am craving the fall colors of home today. The reds, yellows, and burnt oranges of all the trees turning colors… instead it’s 88 here today and summer refuses to give up! Happy it’s sunshine and splashes of color your way….

  2. The sun is still shining! After two plus weeks of constant rain and humidity, we have a bright sun, cool crisp air (it was 66 in my house this morning!) Autumn always puts a spring to my step. The humidity lessens and it’s one of the seasons Alabama gets to celebrate! Hope you have a great time on Jersey.

  3. E – That field of Sunflowers is just unbelievable. they are one of my favorites as well. Thanks for sharing your pics and adventures.

  4. Just fabulous. One year I was just outside of Zurich, Switzerland in the middle of September and the sunflowers were wildy beautiful. Thanks for reminding me.

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