Sticks & Stones: More Venom From My Online Stalker

Many of you who have been reading my blog since it began in 2008, know that for some time I’ve been harassed by a woman named Maggie Namjou, aka Margaret Powell, Margreta Kerr, Maggie Kerr, and Maggie K Namjou. After months of endless phone calls, including four on our wedding day where she left screaming obscenity laced messages on our answering machine which John saved for the police, multiple nasty comments on my blog posts and more deluded emails than I could have imagined anyone might send, I finally changed my blog to a WordPress site so I could moderate comments.

After receiving nightly phone calls until 3:00 a.m. and calls throughout my work day I was forced to change my cell phone number as well. I made the changes, married the man I loved and went on with my life.

Given that I had closed several of the ways she could reach out to me it appeared as though John and I had dropped off her radar. Not surprisingly, like most stalkers she has a pattern she follows where she bombards the people she harasses with constant email and phone calls for three or four months followed by three to four months of silence so that just when you think she has moved on to her next person, she comes back to start all over.

After a few months of quiet, she seems to be back trying to create chaos in our lives. Recently, she sent John an email and later she sent one to my email address which was addressed both of us. We chose to ignore them.

Now it seems she has decided to focus on us again and is trying to inflict damage to our reputation by way of several blog posts where she goes on and on about things which are just not true. She quite tragically portrays herself as an innocent victim who has been harassed and slandered by me. I find the whole slant of her story quite funny given the abuse that has been heaped on us.

I think that most rational intelligent people would be able to see her lies for what they are, but I am linking back to my earlier posts on another site at so you can have fair balance should you see any posts by Maggie Namjou or Margreta Kerr writing fiction about John or myself. I’ve seen her newest posts and it’s just more of the same.

With this recent harassment on the internet, I feel I must at least direct my readers to an explanation. I’ve written about how she tried to bully and control us with her behavior in the past and I’d rather not write it all out again here. Please click on the highlighted links if you need more of the back story.

I’ll be happy to answer questions and if you’ve had an online stalker or have been in a similar situation, please feel free to share it here.

People like this only win when we let them. I will not allow Maggie Kerr Namjou to trash my reputation. She can write whatever crap she wants and I will continue to post the real story.

For the record, even after months of harassment by her, I did not use her name on the internet until she left it herself. (see the Maggie comment)

* Since posting this message Maggie Namjou has changed the two initial blog postings of hers that had prompted me to write the Sticks & Stones post. Those changes make appear as if I was some big bad meanie who decided write the above alert to anyone googling my name simply in response to an email she sent me in November. If I were indeed the person she describes me to be and truly intent on destroying her life, I could have posted any number of the awful emails or photographs she sent to us as well as my correspondence with others who have been affected by her outrageous behavior in the past.

She mentions in detail on the post below in the second paragraph from the bottom, a woman who she had words with having forgiven her (I know the whole story and it is much more shocking than just words) I know this woman having commiserated through emails about our mutual problems with Maggie Namjou and emailed her after reading the post below. She informed me that she’d had no contact with her and had removed her comment from her own blog because she did not want to see it on there. So once again, no contact, no forgiveness as she indicated, just one more lie to try to make me look like an ogre.

She speaks of my desire to destroy her all because of her behavior during a difficult period in her life and nothing could be farther from the truth. She is a bully who tries to controls people with her nasty behavior and then pleads for forgiveness based on the premise that she was unwell at the time and in the middle of a nervous breakdown. Let me just say … this is not the first time she has used a nervous breakdown as an excuse for bad behavior. She cites several breakdowns in previous emails to us.

She has been telling everyone about her most recent suicide attempt over at her posting and how I am reveling in it. Again, she’s written endlessly in the past about previous attempts enough to recognize her as someone who uses a variety of ways to manipulate people including suicidal talk.

I certainly have no desire to see anyone harm themselves and would feel sad to see anyone take their life. I will not however be bullied into taking down my posts which protect my reputation. She has written about me before and as she points out on her posts about my words lasting forever, her lies about me can also be found on the internet.

Having been through this before, I had enough foresight to email her posts to myself because I know her pattern. I had an idea she would go back and change them in an attempt to cast me in a more negative light than she already has. So I’m posting them here to have truth in reporting. I am so sorry to sully even for a moment my blog site which is a place of delight for me to share bits of my life and photographs.

I know that those of you who stop by and have in some cases become friends would never believe her lies, but a stranger googling my name might not look for more information if it were not already out there and might assume there was some truth to her accusations so I feel I really must address it.

I’ll return to my normal posting with something more pleasant later and I hope like everything you never have to deal with someone like this in your life.  It’s a gorgeous day here and I am going to enjoy it secure in the knowledge that I have done the very best I can to deal with this intrusion into my life.

The two images below are the postings that prompted me to write this post.

10 thoughts on “Sticks & Stones: More Venom From My Online Stalker

  1. Hi – just wanted to say thank you for your kind comment of support on my blog. I’ve followed your blog for some time now and I have never been anything but inspired by your talent and the way you express the thoughts that many of us have. Those of us that see you that way will never believe the lies… 🙂 (btw, I wish I could live where you live, your photos are so beautiful!)

  2. Elizabeth — I’m so sorry she’s harassing you again. I think the best way to deal with her is not to give her ANY oxygen. I.E. take down this post and don’t give her the pleasure of talking about her!!!! Everyone knows you and what a good person you are; no one would believe her crazy rants even if they ran across them.

    No oxygen, no oxygen, no oxygen. It only fans the flames.



  3. Hey-why do people do this! How does their mind choose the person to stalk? I think it’s pure jealousy! Your life is something she wants but doesn’t have. So she’s trying to take it away from you! I’m so sorry that she found you again! Even though you have to read her comments, you also have the pleasure of deleting it! She needs to move on because no one will ever know after this post! You’re right though, giving in allows them to win, such as a carjacker and a stalker!

  4. I’d like to say how grateful I am to each of you and your support.

    Jeanne – You are so kind in your comments regarding my words and photography. I always enjoy a visit to your space as well. While there is certainly a beauty here in Cornwall that can move me to tears, I’ve seen your images and know that anywhere you go with your camera you have the eye and ability capture something special.

    LoLa – It is certainly a bizarre situation. It’s as if no one ever taught her as a child that there are consequences for bad behavior.

    Kim – You know I love you too and so look forward to the day when we can meet in person. I imagine we will talk for hours when we do. I wish like everything I could snuff out the fire of her nasty comments, but as her words exist for people to see, (people who don’t know me as you do) I feel I must protect my reputation in the only way I know how. Without my posts her story is the only story and I refuse to be cast in the dark light she portrays me.

    Judy – Perhaps it is because we are both former military or because we’ve had to tolerate a some nasty situations and in your case a recent car jacking … maybe that we why we agree that allowing someone to “take the hill” so to speak or win the battle is not an option for us. You are so right…she just needs to move on.

  5. that’s really scary, sorry you have been struggling with this.

    i get rattled when i get just one “not very nice” comment and have to delete it, i can’t imagine what i would do if i had someone stalking me.

    i am pretty transparent and open on my blog and i often forget how easy it is to find someone onine…if you really want to.

    my son told me a proxy sites and all that the different ways of being stealth online…

    i can’t imagine having that much time, energy or psychosis to go to the extremes she has…and for what??? just to be mean??

    anyway, hope you find some relief soon…do you suppose when she goes underground she is just focused on someone else?

    sending you and john extra strength and patience wishes for christmas!

  6. Hi Elizabeth…I have read a lot of this stuff…how very hard it must be for you and John….

    I agree with Kim B … remove the source and the flames die down..!

    Oh wouldn’t it be great if Kim B, and I managed to meet up with you…shame we didn’t meet up when Carolyn was in the UK .. 🙂

  7. Hi Elizabeth —

    The “best revenge” is good living. Remember that.

    I recommend that you STOP writing about that sick little bitch Maggie and just live your life well.

    By writing about her, you are giving her what she wants: a venue, an audience.

    You know I support you (and John) and hate to see that Evil Maggie Shithead is causing you trauma and drama…

    Do this: Draw a picture of an ugly woman on a piece of paper to represent Maggie and then take it outside and burn it. Bye bye Maggie Bitch From Hell.


  8. Tracya – Thanks so much for your support. I can’t imagine the mental state of someone who chooses to behave as she does. I’ve just had enough! On a good note, I’ve been loving reading about all the positive changes in your life…way to go or as they say here…well done you.

    Anne- I wish removing the posts would work. Sadly my experience has taught me that she will continue spew her lies regardless. I know you’re working through much of the Christmas holidays, but I hope you manage a little time to make some sweet memories with your man. 🙂

    Steven, Steven, Steven, – Leave it to you to tell it like it is and not hold back. What a dear thing you are. I’ve actually said all I need to say about ” that woman” and have no interest in refuting any more of her bizarre lies. I think I may well take your advice with regard to the effigy. On a more pleasant note, John and I enjoyed a lovely pot of Dancing Goats coffee this morning. Big Hugs back to you.

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