Malicious Intent – Destroying Something Special

The big fish you see in the picture above used to be something Tina ( in red ) and I would pass when we were out for a run. It was a guidepost along the Camel Trail in Cornwall and something many people appreciated even though at first glance one might wonder what it was doing along the edge of the path used by runners, walkers, and cyclists. You can’t see it in this picture, but the River Camel is tucked in the trees not far ahead and a spot where you might see people fishing at times.

The giant aluminum fish sculpture was the creative work of a well known sculpture artist Richard Austin. Mr Austin worked with the children of St Tudy Primary School who envisioned the design that he built for their school project. As you can see by the marker above and the smaller fish on the signpost below, this unusual feature was a popular art piece which never failed to come up in conversation especially when giving directions for places to meet along the trail.

Last Thursday morning, Tina and I set out on a morning run. I was excited to be back in Cornwall having returned the day before from my trip home to America and was shocked when we got to the place where the big fish always helped to mark the milage on our run. What you see below, was what we saw.

It seems just a few days before someone decided to destroy the art work we once enjoyed and set it on fire melting the big fish into an unrecognizable pile of metal. This type of  behavior is really uncommon for our peaceful area and I was shocked to learn of its destruction.

The vandals have not been caught yet, but one can’t help but wonder as to how small and hard hearted someone must be to find joy in the destruction of something that many were proud to create.

7 thoughts on “Malicious Intent – Destroying Something Special

  1. Human nature never ceases to perplex me. One can only imagine the kind of dark place someone must inhabit to be doing something like this. Vandalism happens in many places, but to see it in such small and peaceful community magnifies it beyond its cruel nature and becomes less anonymous because you may well know, or know of, the vandals. I hope they will put something back in its place. K.

  2. So saddened by this vandalism, it’s hard to understand what satisfaction the individual(s) who did this got from this act of destruction, and how long the ‘buzz’ lasted – will he/she/theythink it was worth it?

  3. It is so sad how some people have no care for the beauty others in the world enjoy, just becasue the world they live in is ugly to them.

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