Hello Dollies – The Taste Of Christmas

If we are friends on Facebook, you probably know I have been in a modest panic over the last few days because I could not find pecans, a key ingredient in four of the must have treats for my Christmas dinner. Okay…maybe the Hello Dollies aren’t exactly required to make dinner complete, but I had to have pecans for my sweet potato casserole in addition to a special cranberry salad, a cheese ball, and a pumpkin pecan pie all of which must have pecans to make them properly. So you can see why I was beginning to send out SOS messages to the community. Tina, my running buddy answered the call with a shop that still had them and John picked up a couple of bags yesterday just in time for me to make some of the tasty sweets to send off to Jersey to his daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter, Jersey Girl.

After Judy Harper asked for the recipe and Cindy a friend from high school expressed an interest, I thought I would share both the recipe and a view of my putting it to all together this morning. I have to say that while I finally got my hands on some pecans, there were no graham cracker crumbs to be found and I had to substitute something used for crumbles here. I was skeptical at first, but I think it really adds to the overall taste of the Hello Dollies so it gets my vote for a positive change to an old favorite.

This recipe is part of a collection of family favorites that my step-mom Cullene put together for me on recipe cards a few years ago.

As you can see by the picture above, I have a bag of honey roasted cashew nuts and peanuts that I tried in this recipe too. I made one half with pecans and the other with the mix above. The slightly salty sweet taste of the honey roast made for a taste change I liked.

A problem with cooking here and using local ingredients for my recipes from home is the need to translate measurements. Take the Jersey butter above. That butter package is 250 grams. My recipe calls for 1/2 cup. See what I mean. These cookies should take about 10 minutes to put together, but making a special dish here for the first time can take a bit longer than normal and it can require an extra kitchen aid to help with the conversions. ( note my laptop bottom right )

Butter and crumble mix and molded into bottom of dish to form a base crust.

Then you add chocolate chips and nuts. I prefer a little less chocolate in mine.

The sweet glue that makes it all one chewy mixture goes on after the coconut flakes.

Pop it in the oven until it looks like the picture below. Some people prefer it a bit lighter in color with less oven time, but I like mine chewy. Just be careful not to burn the bottom. I would watch them when they start to get close to being done.

The finished product.

Ready for taste testing … Mmm.

13 thoughts on “Hello Dollies – The Taste Of Christmas

  1. Look delicious. I love the recipe cards. I have some from my grandmother and my mother. Since I don’t enjoy cooking much but do it to sustain health rather than any other reason (although I’ll readily enjoy other’s cooking whether it’s “healthy” or not), I probably will not be passing on recipe cards of my own. But one never knows. There can always be a change offered to us…… Thanks for the lesson!

  2. too far away for a sample but they look yum, I will give the recipe a go. I walked today, I came back looking like a snow man where the snow had settled on my hat and coat.

  3. I can tell we’re from the same place! I have a chart somewhere with the conversions. I have no idea where it is though. The recipe looks yummy! I might have to try it sometime. Thanks!

    If you are on FB, I’ll have to look you up!

  4. These are a favorite of mine too and I’ve been craving them. I may have to make a batch. I totally understand what you’re talking about with the conversions 🙂

  5. Just rummaging around your blog for the first time! I am intrigued to see that you have found a suitable converter for cup measurements – would you be able to share your chart with me as I have never managed to find one that I feel that I can rely on!!

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