Snow Days And Nights In Cornwall

Morning light across the village green.

The last two days have seen our little village fairly cut off from the rest of the world by all the snow we’ve had over the last few days. All day yesterday and late into today only those with 4 wheel drive could make it in or out. Around 3:00 pm, John was finally able to get through the lanes to the main highway and drive the five miles or so to the closest supermarket. He picked up a few things for a neighbor and let another know we are now well stocked in case things freeze as the weather reports are predicting. He had to leave the car and hike up the hill to the house with the groceries, but he made it home safely just before things began to freeze.

Our village shop was pretty cleaned out today with certain items such as milk being made available first to those with small children and the elderly in our community. Even though I wanted some milk for baking, I liked seeing those who really needed it receive it first. I walked back up our street from the shop with Len and Mary who are friends and neighbors that live on our street. I watched as they knocked on the doors of the homes of several people in their 70s and 80s checking in to be sure they were doing all right.

I managed a good long walk through some of my favorite places around the village and of course snapped a few photographs to share. Much of the UK is experiencing a slow down or in some cases no movement at all. Schools are closed and hospitals are asking that only those in dire need come in and I feel fortunate that I have no where pressing to be over the next few days. Seems like a good time to do a bit of baking … I’m thinking maybe a nice big batch of cinnamon rolls to go with all of the hot chocolate we’ll be drinking over the next few days.

These are photographs from the last two days:

The buttercup field under cover of snow.

This is the old stone bridge we cross to get to the buttercup field.

Me, on the other side of the bridge.

John crossing a farmers field with the entrance to our village in the distance behind him. (see the church tower)

Our village on the hill.

Me making a snow angel.

Not bad for being no angel myself.

Night fall – I stepped out on the patio to snap the sunset just as bunch of sparrows flew over.

13 thoughts on “Snow Days And Nights In Cornwall

  1. I love the quietness of these kinds of snowy days. I love to be the one to “discover” the newly fallen snow. The cars are off the road, and the trees almost audibly sparkle. There are usually no people outside when I walk out to get my newspaper which always seems to be there waiting for me. My footsteps are the only sounds I hear and I make a single path back to the house, stepping on my own tracks so I don’t ruin the clean snow in the lawn. I love that. Everything is clean, fresh and peaceful.

    My husband on the other hand, is noisy. He runs through it, picks it up and throws it in the air, if there is no one out to recieve a freshly thrown splat. I’ve even seen him throw a cold missile at a lone tree. Poor innocent tree. Now the kids join him and push the snow from here to there, making angels, building forts and rolling balls to make snowpeople of all shapes and sizes. When they are done and back in from their snowy jaunts, I look out and can’t help feeling a little remorse for the quietness that was obviously chased away by my family. It’s okay because I can wait until the next time.

  2. So lovely. It’s just started snowing here this afternoon and has continued onto this evening….we may have 4 – 8 inches before it’s done. And below zero temps.

  3. Beautiful pictures – love the Norman church in your village. You are great at snow angels – love the wings!
    I know the weather has really socked in the Southwest – I’m must call my cuz in Devon and see how they are faring. The forecast shows more snow coming to that area and I hear Gatwick is now closed. In a way I’d love to be home in Torquay right now – I remember the snow on the beach, and in the fields, from my childhood….so beautiful.

    We are due snow tonight here in North Carolina – maybe only a dusting though. Stay safe.


  4. Wow Elizabeth you have been hit hard with it…!! Looks very pretty though. I went out for a bit today, whilst the sun was shining, we have had it hard and it is at the moment… -10…which for oxfordshire is cold.

    I love the bit about those with a 4 wheel drive… essential in this weather….. but otherwise use to much petrol. One woman the other day in a carpark, looked at us in disgust, just in case we hit her car when we got out of ours …her car was so huge, it didn’t fit in the space…. how pretentious!

  5. Gorgeous!! The first one in particular looks like a painting!!

    I love everyone looking after each other there. That’s also cool about the young families and elderly getting priority for milk etc. I hope others were as gracious as you in understanding why they couldn’t have any!

    It looks sooooo peaceful and beautiful there today. Hope you can nestle in and rest and create.

  6. Your snow looks more fun than ours on the Illinois prairie.
    All I did was shovel out two cars and the sidewalks around the house and the guy’s house across the street.

  7. I can’t believe all this snow you are having over there! Reminds me of our winter last year when we had an unusual amount of snow before and after Christmas. It was very pretty and festive but this year I am glad for milder temperatures and easier driving. Love the last photo, those birds, and the view and the mood … beautiful!

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